Afraid to go out.

Today, I bottled out.

I was not brave enough to go out with my child.

Not because I am a shy person, not because of the weather and not because he didn’t want to go out.

Simply because I was afraid that my beautiful brave boy would get hurt.

If you read ‘Where do we go from here?’ you will know that Adam said he wants to go to places, check their current toilet facilities and ask them to install a hoist assisted toilet with a changing table so that everyone can “go” there and stay all day.

I am so proud of him but I am also worried that he is going to experience huge disappointment and that he will feel hurt when he sees the facilities, even though he is prepared and knows they don’t exist for him.

Somehow, seeing things with your own eyes is just a new level of hurt, one which I am afraid will be too much for him to handle.

Think about it, if an attraction only had gents’ toilets would your daughter feel welcome or wanted?

Or if they had toilets where you had to find your way across a muddy field and then up a hundred steps and there wasn’t even a door to close behind you?

Because that is how it feels to us.

I feel like I am taking my son somewhere that he isn’t wanted. Toilets with a hoist and changing table are not new.

They have been around for over ten years, just like my son.

So why are they not everywhere?

Adam is just ten years old. He shouldn’t need to do this but if he doesn’t, who will?

Together we will get rid of all the barriers so that he sees only signs which mean he is wanted and welcome.


Please help him. Follow his “work” and share it widely.

Let every tourist attraction, service station, theatre and town (just to name a few) know that you believe in equality for all.





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29 thoughts on “Afraid to go out.

  1. A new accessible part is opening in Perth, Western Australia. The website lists accessible latches on gates, sensory play equipment, ACROD parking bays, wheelchair accessible ramps and rubber paths, plus Cockburn City’s first Changing places facility, with a height adjustable adult sized changing table, a tracking hoist and automatic doors with enough space for two carers to assist. How awesome if these were standard facilities available in ALL parks. Can’t wait to try it out.

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    1. I always feel sad that a child has to take on so much, but we are doing it slowly and carefully. It has been hard though and he was upset after a recent day out at the zoo.


    1. Thank you. A couple of attractions in Cornwall are putting these facilities in for next summer. Cornwall has some wonderful people.x


  2. Incredible that your boy is so determined to influence change! I can’t imagine how hard it must be when you are out and about x

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    1. His world has shrunk over the last couple of years. If we don’t do this ourselves, it will never grow again. I am very proud of him though.


    1. Signing the petition is a good step, the link is on “Trick or Treat” and others. Sharing the blog will help too – you never know, someone you know might be able to install them in their business. Thank you for caring.x


  3. It must be so hard, but the UK is trying, and way ahead of Paris. But they could do more to make places accessible for everyone (legislation is in place!)

    Paris is completely inaccessible, the Metro just stairs and escalators in stations, very few lifts at all. Most restaurants seem inaccessible and certainly aren’t equipped with the right facilities. It’s very hit and miss over here.

    Good luck with the crusade.

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    1. Thank you. Worrying about his future when I am no longer here was robbing me of the joy in today. So I have to do something to make the future better.


  4. I had never thought about this as an issue – but I love how you highlight it here – to not have access to toilet facilities – something we all take for granted, is terrible. I love your campaign and is something I certainly support.


    1. Every time a person says that they care, it gives me a little boost. It is really hard and lonely sometimes, so comments like yours really do make a difference. Thank you.x

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  5. It’s easy not to notice things when they don’t directly apply to your life, but sometimes the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference to other people’s lives. You must have a lot of strength to keep going and are doing wonderful work to highlight these issues, well done, you’re a hero!

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  6. I find it hard to believe in this day and age that they aren’t fitted as standard. I will be sharing this post too. I love the fact that Adam is determined to change this, we need more Adams in the world!


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