Good news! Hall for Cornwall!

I am very pleased to announce that I will, after all, be able to renew my “friends” membership with my local theatre. This morning I have received confirmation that they will ensure that people who need a bench and hoist will be able to use the toilet after the major refurbishment! “We’re absolutely committed to making… Continue reading Good news! Hall for Cornwall!

When this is the best option you have.

If you use social media you have probably seen a picture of a child with disabilities lying on a toilet floor. I am sure that the mere sight of the pictures ignited strong feelings. There are always many comments on these photos. Most are from people who are horrified to learn that this happens. They… Continue reading When this is the best option you have.

Still so much to be done

So we have celebrated that someone cared. Cornwall Services listened and understood. They told my son that he matters. It feels fabulous! Local press have been fantastic at highlighting what this means. The article in The West Briton was really well written and positive and I hope that other businesses will read it and understand what it… Continue reading Still so much to be done