How does your garden grow?

imageA few weeks ago Adam and I planted some sunflower seeds.

We watered them, kept them out of the wind and watched them grow.

When they reached a couple of inches in height we made a start at transplanting them into bigger pots.

And then life happened.

We transplanted some but not all.


Just a few weeks on, we see the difference in the healthy growth of the one transplanted into a larger pot of fresh compost and the one which was left to struggle in the tiny pot.

People are not much different. We need space to explore and grow or we too will fail to flourish or grow to our full potential.






We transplanted both of them into larger planters and we hope that it is not too late for the little one to flourish.




In November 2014 Adam had spinal surgery. It left him in a very bad way for many months. He was without a suitable wheelchair for many months and then I was injured. We have been stuck in a small pot for too long.

This year we need to explore and I need to do all I can to help my boy to flourish.


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