Is it okay to share “disability issues” after so many tragic events?

When national tragedies happen it sometimes makes many disability campaigners question whether they should pause in what they are doing for a while. Is the need for accessible toilets something I should still be pushing when so many have been injured or lost loved ones? But tragic events will keep happening and we should remember… Continue reading Is it okay to share “disability issues” after so many tragic events?

Caring – There is always “more”.

Something you might not know about unpaid carers is that there is always “more”. Always more to do, more to achieve, more to work towards. More calls to make, more e-mails to send, more paperwork to do. More things to consider, more research to do, more questions to answer. More people treating your loved one badly, more battles,… Continue reading Caring – There is always “more”.

This is my fight song!

Recently I heard a suggestion that I had “forced” a local theatre into agreeing to include a Changing Places toilet as part of an £18.3million refurbishment project. Really? They are gutting the place, increasing the number of seats as well as the number of spaces for wheelchair users, purchasing new equipment and probably buying new artwork for the walls… Continue reading This is my fight song!