I disappeared in January…

I disappeared in January. But not because I went back to the North Pole. I disappeared because I couldn’t face January I had a job to do last year and I did not complete it. I was supposed to enlighten people, make them care, and leave no unfinished business. Thanks to the wonderful team at… Continue reading I disappeared in January…

If I ran the zoo, it would have a loo!

Some time ago, almost 2 years ago, I wrote to the zoo. They didn’t send me a pet, in fact, they didn’t even reply. It was the start of a lengthy, and often one sided, conversation! Yet all we want to do, is go to the zoo. Like other people do, because, we are “other… Continue reading If I ran the zoo, it would have a loo!

When your future is different.

From the moment you know you are expecting a baby, you start dreaming and planning the future. You imagine your baby. Holding your baby. Loving your baby. Beautiful and brilliant. A happy baby. So much to look forward to. First words. First steps. Running to you, Throwing their arms around you, Smothering you with kisses. So… Continue reading When your future is different.

That’s Not My Toilet!

Admittedly, it is a lesser known version of the popular series, but it is actually more real than many of the well known ones. For many wheelchair users, those signs on the door featuring a wheelchair logo might as well say “Keep Out!” Here goes…       It wasn’t hard to do, and this… Continue reading That’s Not My Toilet!

Elf on Wheels Visits Santa!

“Santa’s here! I know him!” I was really, really excited about going to see Santa. But, after recent difficulties when out, I was a bit worried because the place he was at didn’t have a usable toilet for an Elf like me, nor for my friend. It was the first thing we both asked! But my family… Continue reading Elf on Wheels Visits Santa!