When caring causes disability…

The last few weeks/months have been painful. I have struggled to move. Sitting has been hard, standing even worse, and I have been walking like I just pooped my pants. (LIKE!!! – I haven’t really!) This is the reality for a full time carer to a disabled person. I don’t work office hours, heck, there… Continue reading When caring causes disability…

Meet Mobiloo Adam!

My son has a mobile toilet named after him. And we are delighted! You might laugh, and it does sound funny, but Adam is completely thrilled. “Mobiloo Me!!!” It might seem a little strange that a mobile toilet has been named at all, let alone that someone would be excited about it being named after them,… Continue reading Meet Mobiloo Adam!


One month ago I lost my biggest supporter, my greatest cheerleader, and my hero. And I feel as though nothing will ever feel right again. The man who made sure that I grew up to believe in myself is no longer here to tell me that I can achieve anything. No longer here to reassure… Continue reading Loss.

Our first visit to The Lost Gardens of Heligan.

We have wanted to visit The Lost Gardens of Heligan for some time. We have only ever heard good things about the place and everyone raves about the cake. But, without a Changing Places toilet, we just couldn’t visit. So we asked them to install one. And they did! No business case to prepare. No… Continue reading Our first visit to The Lost Gardens of Heligan.