Small amount of money?

I am getting annoyed. (A bit more than that, actually.) I am angry at the money which is wasted whilst people’s needs are ignored. I asked my local council if there were any grants available to businesses to help them install a hoist and changing bench at their premises in order to improve access for disabled people. There are no such… Continue reading Small amount of money?

My son matters!

Why as a society do we expect our more vulnerable members to accept less than we would ever accept for ourselves? “Floor based changing facility”. I kid you not, that is the term used . I had signed Adam up to an activity for disabled children and queried the toilet situation for those who need… Continue reading My son matters!

Growth doesn’t just happen.

Those who know me well know that I am not a gardener. I forget to water plants, forget to transplant seedlings and sometimes just forget that I have a garden! 😀 Back in March, Adam and I planted sunflowers, watered them and even transplanted some of the seedlings into larger pots at the right time!!! Some of… Continue reading Growth doesn’t just happen.