I challenge you!

Are Cornish attractions really unwelcoming to disabled people?

So far, I have only asked a few. I have started with a few places which my son is desperate to visit and a few where we visited but could not stay due to inadequate facilities.

I was left reeling by the response from Lands End and it shook my belief in the inherent kindness of people.

Tonight though, I came across a whole lot of people who have no need for toilet facilities with a changing bench and hoist but they immediately “got it”.

Oddly enough, the conversation came about when Jason Manford posted a photo of himself and his daughter using the toilet, side by side! Yet these people “got it”. They felt bad just because they had never even thought about it before. They said it shouldn’t be this way. They said disabled people matter and they were keen to try to help improve things.

So I am wondering if this natural kindness is alive among businesses.

Do you know what would be utterly amazing?

It would be if a Cornish business came to me and said they have been left saddened by the simple realisation that they did not know.

It would be amazing to have a business come to me and say they want to improve things.

It would be amazing to not have to ask.

So who will tell Adam that he matters?




If you use social media, tag businesses. Ask them to care.

Tell them it matters to you.

If you are not from Cornwall, do it anyway, in your area. There are “Adams” everywhere. You just haven’t seen them because going out isn’t always possible.


Help this Ordinary Boy live an ordinary life.



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