Does your business provide the best possible service?

This is what I would like to ask every major service provider.

Service stations, major supermarkets, local attractions, restaurants, hotels etc. all like to advertise how great they are, how high their standards are and how they offer “the best” to their customers.

Yet there is one area that virtually all these places don’t seem to want to offer “the best” service possible in.

I don’t understand why.

Why would you not want to offer the highest standard possible?

The only reason I can think of for not wanting to improve an area of your business would be if you didn’t think it was important.

So here is the area you are failing to provide the best possible service in.

Properly accessible toilets.

What’s that you say? You have disabled toilets?

That is the problem.

Disabled toilets are disabling.

Non accessible

You can, just about, get a powered wheelchair in.

But then what?How do you get a person who cannot stand out of their chair and onto the toilet?

Short of calling for some strong firemen I am out of ideas.


If you could not stand up this toilet would disable you.

So what is the solution?

CP toilet Sarah Brisdion's photo


A Changing Places toilet, the “gold standard” in accessible facilities and enables needs to be managed with the greatest of ease.

For information click HERE.


You might not have the required space for a full Changing Places facility. So how about another option?



A Space to Change toilet is smaller but still makes it possible for everyone to use the toilet when out.

More information is available HERE.


Without such a facility you are excluding so many potential customers.


Without an accessible toilet many families just can’t come. Would you visit your business if you couldn’t use the toilet there?

There is a solution and it is a simple one. There are many companies who will install these facilities. If you need more help, contact me, I will be more than happy to help point you in the right direction.

It really isn’t difficult and it really will change lives AND improve your business.

Cornwall Services have been thrilled at the response to their Space to Change toilet. Many people have told them that they only stopped there to eat because of the toilet. They have gained customers who keep coming back!

Cornwall Services went from completely not knowing that their lovely, clean, well presented disabled toilets did not meet needs to opening their Space to Change toilet in less than three months.

Who wants to beat that record?




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