The simple way to equality…

I am sure that we all agree that equal access matters.

I am sure that we agree that a person should not be treated less favourably due to disability. The Equality Act is clear on this!

Yet there is a huge reluctance to move forward and make improvements. We know what is needed. We know that hundreds of thousands of people are currently excluded from basic everyday activities purely because of a lack of properly accessible toilet facilities.

It isn’t just those who need the hoist and bench, there are also hundreds of thousands more who need the space to turn a powered wheelchair or the space to actually get up from their chair and reach the rails to access the toilet. This is a big issue!

Yet so many businesses hide behind “the minimum legal requirement” and would rather pretend that we don’t exist.

So, how about a simpler option to make access to toilet facilities equal?

How about if no business, public space or council need to provide toilets?

Instead of raising standards, why not lower them for all?

Much cheaper and surely nobody will mind?

Big companies are not interested in providing toilet facilities for those who need a hoist, even though they know that it excludes people. Profits first! Provision and ongoing maintenance for able bodied people costs money too, so why not just say no to all?

Are you okay with that?


Why not?

Surely, if it is not important enough to provide usable toilet facilities for disabled people it isn’t really important to provide them at all?

There is a petition to try to make these facilities a legal requirement in large buildings. PLEASE SIGN HERE.






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One thought on “The simple way to equality…

  1. I agree that this should be a standard. It makes me so sad to think that just a small thing like have a usable toilet space is getting in the way of children being able to get involved with the fun. Thank you for sharing this with the #DreamTeam x

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