OOPS! I took out your toilet!

Do you think that statement would get a faster response than my polite messages expressing that we were not able to use a “disabled toilet”?

Because quite often I am scared that we are going to knock the toilet and break it. Powered chairs are sturdy things. Just a small movement of the joystick triggers a big movement of a powerful machine.

Don’t worry, we haven’t actually knocked anyone’s toilet out!

Some days that is due to me taking control of the chair.

Some days it is due to luck.

Some days it is because we decided not to even go in.

We generally know that we are not going to be able use the toilet but it would be good to be able to at least wash hands.

McDonalds Hayle

Like before you eat. It might only be a Happy Meal but I am sure most of us prefer our children to eat with clean fingers.

I was not sure that we could successfully turn the powered chair in the room, let alone get close enough to the sink.

Not without damaging something.

So we didn’t try.

It did leave me wondering though.

I wonder if anyone has broken a toilet with their powered chair, or maybe damaged some other part of the room, just because it was too difficult to move or turn?

I am quite sure that, when these facilities were designed, they were thinking about wheelchair users. Yet the logo on the door might as well be a “No Entry” sign.

Please sign THIS PETITION.

Help us change that no entry logo into one which says “Come In”.




3 thoughts on “OOPS! I took out your toilet!

  1. This is ridiculous! If I were to be “snotty”, I’d say break the silly toilet!!!! Maybe then someone would realise that a stand needs to be made! To be honest, I don’t think these people (designers) don’t have a clue when thinking up these plans! Petition signed!!! #bigpinkink

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  2. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and thoughts. I learn something new everytime I visit your blog and it is very enlightening. And you are right, they might as well stick a No Entry sign! More places should design or rebuild with access for everyone. #bigpinklink

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