One of the most amazing things to have happened this year is that so many people around me have started to think about the issues faced by disabled people.

People who know us are thinking about it.

People who know them are thinking about it.

People are asking how they can do something to help!

And that is an amazing feeling.

When people care, change can happen so much more easily.

Friends send me photos of the “disabled toilets” that they find when out and about.

Others have asked me for leaflets that they can hand to business owners to explain what is needed.  People are opening discussions about accessible facilities even though they don’t actually need them themselves! That is an amazing feeling!

A few months back my chiropractor started talking about her plans to buy a new building and I was really touched to discover that a toilet with a ceiling hoist and a changing bench were part of her plans.

She looks after a large number of people with disabilities and their carers – she is very aware of the importance of these facilities!

Sadly, the building she had hoped to buy was sold to someone else.

I admit to feeling saddened by the news but, if she was prepared to do it, maybe the new owners will be too?

Turns out the new owners are a Community Interest Company and that they haven’t just bought the one building, they have bought a huge area of shops and space to create a community arts centre. This could be fabulous news for disabled people in Redruth and the surrounding areas. If a small business was happy to do it when they acquired a larger building, these people will surely be even more aware and keen to be inclusive!

So I have written to the Directors and am crossing everything for a positive response!

I have also been busy writing to local town and city councils to make them aware that many disabled people are effectively excluded from visiting.

I wonder who will be the first to respond?

The  photo expresses so much hope.

Adam was not expected to do much of what he can now do.

Yet he sat unaided on the sofa last night for several minutes. He has also grown so much this year, racing through clothing sizes long before wearing them out.


It matters.



2 thoughts on “Hope.

  1. Lovely photo of you and Adam. Fingers crossed that the Community Interest Company responds favourably. I never realized there was a problem. They probably don’t either. Well done on your awareness campaign. 🙂

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