When a child knows…

Adam is 10 years old and has physical and learning disabilities.

Yet he sees and knows so much more than most of the people who make decisions about what is needed.

It is that straightforward.

Without a changing bench and ceiling hoist, Adam (and hundreds of thousands of others) cannot use a toilet when out and about.

It is surely good business sense to provide toilets so that people can eat, drink, stay all day and spend more money?

There is a legal duty to anticipate the needs of disabled people and to make reasonable adjustments before a person asks. For businesses where you anticipate that most visitors will use the toilet during their visit, it is surely reasonable for everyone to expect to be able to “go”?

It is also the decent and compassionate thing to do.

When a child understands, why are adults not desperate to make it right?






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One thought on “When a child knows…

  1. It’s so true, and the more of your posts I read, the more I just don’t understand. It’s a basic human need, and right, to be able to use the toilet, and businesses should be automatically providing the facilities required to do this. And how awful for Adan to be left wondering why the adults aren’t sorting the problem out, and for you to possibly see his faith in adults rocked because of it. xx

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