I like social media.

But some days it brings a sting.

The Facebook reminder of previous years can sometimes hurt and today was a day where I wished I hadn’t gone online.

Taken at Paradise Park in 2012


Adam used to love going to Paradise Park and we used to visit frequently. It is open all year round and was brilliant for exploring with his powered wheelchair.

Theatre trips were something we had worked on till he was comfortable and happy to watch a show despite the noise around him.

Yet just 5 years on and we are no longer able to visit the theatre or Paradise Park. All because they lack a toilet facility with a hoist and changing table.

Heartlands hoist
Not fancy equipment, but vital for many.

We are also unable to use the park and ride buses simply because there are no toilets Adam can use at the bus station nor in the entire city centre. So the simple joy of the park and ride bus, for a child, is also gone.

My local theatre did eventually agree to install a Changing Places toilet as part of their planned £18.3million refurbishment but until then we have no option but to stay away.

I have been asking at Paradise Park for some time and I am hopeful that they care enough to make it happen. But today I am simply saddened by the way my son’s world has shrunk.

All because he needs to use a toilet but cannot stand.

You may not need these facilities now but wouldn’t you want them to be available if you did?

We are all just an accident or illness away from long term disabilities.

Can you imagine how it would feel to be unable to participate in everyday life?

So please share with others and tell them that these facilities matter.

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