When did things change?

Am I worth less than you?
Do I not matter?
Do I not have a place in this world?

I wake every day and want to do the same things as you.
I want to go to the same places as you.
I want to live a good life.
I want to fit in.
I want to be wanted.
I want to be free to go wherever I want, whenever I want.

When I was a baby, there were facilities everywhere to ensure my safety, health and wellbeing. If you have a baby, you probably expect those facilities too.

But we are not all equal.
We are not all given an equal right to access.
We are not all provided with all we need for our dignity.
We are not all welcome to go wherever we want.

I am a child.
A boy.
Eleven years old.

I cannot stand or walk.
My bones break easily.

Simple things, for you, are harder for me.
Even something as simple as using the toilet isn’t easy for me.

I need a hoist to lift me from my wheelchair.
I need a long changing table to lay down on so that I can get ready to use the toilet.
I have a harness which can be used to hoist me onto the toilet.
And then I can “go”, just like you do!

I know you “go” too, it isn’t a secret!
But can you imagine having to talk about it to people?
Having to explain your needs?

I need two extra pieces of equipment in the toilet. That is all.
Some places have understood and are keen to improve.
Some have made changes straight away because they were good people.

But others have ignored me.
Some have simply said they will not install them.

Not small places.
Big places.
Supermarkets, theme parks, theatres, towns…

When they say that they have no plans to make changes, despite knowing that I can’t come otherwise, they are really telling me to stay away.

They are telling me that I don’t matter.

One day I might believe them.

Children shouldn’t be afraid to go out but, all too often, I am.

If you haven’t already signed this petition, please do it now.

All I want, is what you already have. Please support me in having it too.







53 thoughts on “When did things change?

    1. This one is definitely still open. There have been others but this one is very specific regarding building standards, which is where the change really needs to happen.


    1. Thank you. It really is a massive issue for hundreds of thousands of people who are all forgotten about in our society.


  1. I’ve signed the petition and really do hope that people everywhere will start accommodating those with physical handicap. It’s really something so very simple – would think it would be very easy to comply. Here’s hoping!


  2. You speak for so many my daughter being one she is 11 and no you shouldn’t ever be excluded. My daughter wants to be involved in all aspects of life especially as she has a younger sister who wants her to do everything she does and loves her so much and doesn’t see her differences and it really hurts to know we have to fight for small things that others take for granted. We will keep going and get equality eventually.

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    1. Thank you. This issue should have been tackled a decade ago. Then my son would never know this hurt. I am determined that, ten years from now, there will not be another little boy struggling like Adam is right now.x


  3. It’s such a shame when entities don’t take care of these aspects when building the infrastructure of the buildings. They might not be important to them, but are so much important for some.


    1. It is horrible. Every day I hear stories from people who have been refused access to public transport, or been unable to access toilet facilities. Sadly, the person who has been treated less favourably has to bring legal action themselves, nobody can do it for them. When you have been treated horribly over time it wears you down and affects your confidence. It also costs a lot of money to take action and people are afraid of costs being awarded against them if they lose.


  4. It’s awful how little awareness there is around the kinds of equipment that people might need to help them access facilities! Hopefully changes can be made so that everyone can enjoy visiting places like theme parks and theatres.

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    1. Thank you. It is so hard to get politicians interested in something like this. Speaks volumes to me about how disabled people are really viewed by them.


  5. This is so important to these families, why are the “big wigs” not doing more about it!? grrr
    Thanks so much for linking up with #kcacols. We hope you can join us next time.


    1. Thank you. It shouldn’t need a campaign and nobody should have to plead. Organisations, businesses and councils should be horrified when they learn about the reality faced by many disabled people and they should want to change.

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  6. I am totally in support with you and agree that there should be some changes made for the help of some. This is the best way we can help them. Very well written post and motivating too. #Blogcrush.


  7. This post really hit home with me as my son has autism and at nearly 4 years old is unable to use to use the toilet. We can just about use the baby change units when we are out but most of them no longer support his weigh and he has to scrunch up as I change him as he is too tall. Your challenge is even more pressing. I have signed the petition. This needs to change! #blogcrush


  8. This post really resonated with me. As the mother of a little boy with autism who at nearly 4 cannot use the toilet we are often left to grapple with baby change units that are not too small for his height and weight. What you are going through seems like that magnified a thousand times and it needs to change. Thank you for writing about this, it’s essential that we have more awareness of the struggles special needs children go through for what should be a basic right available to anyone. I have signed the petition. #blogcrush


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