Do some people matter less?

We can say that everyone is equal, but it isn’t true.
We can say that everyone has equal rights, but it isn’t true.
We can say that we are an inclusive society, but it isn’t true.

These are just a few of the comments which have been made simply because I wish for my son to have the same opportunities and access to life that others already have.

When all you want is a usable loo!

Yes, I am emotional – imagine the outcry if these comments related to gender, race or faith!

Even UK law ignores the needs of many disabled people.

This is the bit of law which says what has to be provided for wheelchair users:-

Document M (the legal requirement for provision of toilets) states that “wheelchair users should be able to approach, transfer to and use the sanitary facilities in a building”.

And this bit of legal protection does help many disabled people. But not all.

This wheelchair user wants legal protection too.
Not all wheelchair users can walk.

What happens to people who cannot self transfer? Toilets which meet the needs of those who require a hoist and/or changing table are merely a recommendation.

When the current laws in this country ignore so many disabled people, is it any wonder that there are people who think it is okay to say such things?

And that law has to change.

We can ask one place at a time (many good places and people do exist) but we should not have to ask. The law should already be in place.

How do we change it?

I have contacted my MP to ask for his support. Maybe if every single one of us did the same, change could happen?

My son is not the first person to need Changing Places toilets and he will not be the last.


Just to be clear, nobody is asking for these facilities in tiny coffee shops.

We are asking for them in the places listed in this petition, which you could sign whilst you are at it! 😉

Find your MP here.

15 thoughts on “Do some people matter less?

  1. It is just awful all round. I never even noticed just how differently people who have to use wheelchairs find life when I tried to book my son’s 18th and wanted to include his friend who is in a wheelchair. I hope that more accessible toilets appear soon – and one day in those tiny coffee shops too would be great.

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  2. People’s attitudes can be so frustrating at times. I want to remind them that often their healthy children are down to a thing called luck. When you are lucky, it’s a shame to not have a thought for those that weren’t. Not that I’m saying that we are t lucky to have our kids but unlucky that their health is not good. What a selfish society we have become 😦

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    1. Thank you. I am so very thankful that Adam is my son. But I wish every day that his life could be easier. People can be


  3. I know it’s not really the point, but anybody could find themselves in this position at any time too, so it’s very narrow minded thinking. We are all human, everyone’s needs should be considered. Makes me sad that businesses can be so selfish 😞

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    1. Nobody is immune to disability. There is no vaccination, no guarantee, just a chance that we might get lucky and get through life without being touched by disability.x


  4. I so hope that there are changes. I can’t imagine how hard it can be getting around certain facilities and places. I really hope that politicians and owners of these places listen and make changes that would improve the day to day life for so many people. Great post x #kcacols


  5. this is so sad and i can’t believe those comments. “disabled” means so many different things and no, not everyone is catered for. But basic things that enable dignity. i think what you’re doing on your blog is amazing. so eye opening. i did see a changing places toilet somewhere recently. i think it was an attraction. i thought of you x thanks for linking at #KCACOLS come back next time x

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  6. I’ve signed the petition, but some people do matter more. It’s based on their souls though, whether they are good people are not. In this you and your son matter so much more. #kcacols

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