Be Like Bob!

When you think about it, it really is easy, and we shouldn’t still be “raising awareness” after all these years.

All Bob wants is what most of us take for granted – to be able to use a toilet when he goes out.

And THIS is all he needs adding to public toilet facilities.

Photo showing a ceiling hoist and changing table. There is a bear wearing a jacket on the bench.

It isn’t much, is it? Yet these two pieces of equipment are VITAL to enable hundreds of thousands of people in the UK alone to access the toilet. This photo was taken in my bathroom.

◊  It only took a day to install.

◊  We use it all the time.

◊  There are no safety issues.

◊  We have had no problems with it.

◊  My bathroom is 2.28m x 2.54m. They can be fitted into small spaces.

Of course, when building from new the British Standard specification should be applied, but there is no excuse for not even trying to make toilets in public buildings, tourist attractions, theme parks, museums, service stations etc. inclusive to those who need a hoist and changing table.

No Excuses!

And that includes cost. After all, if a business found that their regular toilets were broken they would get them fixed regardless of the cost.

Or if their tills broke!

Please help spread Bob’s message.

Make this the final year that we are pleading for access to toilets.

Be like Bob!


Stick man figure sat on an orange wheelchair. Text says "This is Bob. Bob knows that all people need toilets. Bob supports the Changing Places campaign. Bob is SMART!!! Be like Bob!

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