A Brief Introduction

If it takes a village to raise a child then it really does take a large town/small city to raise a child with disabilities.

Adam is just a boy, like any other. He likes his friends, enjoys playing Minecraft, is quite bossy and loves to be active.

That last part is where life can get difficult. For being active isn’t easy when you cannot sit up on your own, let alone when you can’t stand or walk.

So we have a few extra challenges to face.

And we face them every day.

Last year was a difficult year for us. Adam was recovering from surgery and was wihout a suitable wheelchair for a long time. Then I suffered an injury which stopped me from doing almost everything. I was unable to even push his wheelchair.

Thanks to a lot of fundraising friends and a huge about of generosity from local people and those far away, earlier this year Adam was able to get the right powered wheelchair for him. This year we want to get out there and live life to the full.

It is going to involve making a few changes in the wider world.

Please bear with me whilst I start out. I am new to blogging and am still getting to grips with the word, let alone actually setting it up! We have a lot of stories to tell and hope to make some truly positive changes both locally and across the country.






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