If you have not already come across Crowdwish you really should check them out.

Ordinary people post their “wish” and everyone gets the chance to choose which wish they would like granted that day.

A couple of days ago I posted a wish.

I wish for fully accessible toilet facilities with a changing bench and hoist to be treated as an essential.

It was the most popular wish of the day and the lovely people at Crowdwish have tried to help with a way to spread some awareness and understanding. If you send an e-mail to they will send you the slogan in digital, poster or sticker form.

I can't go here graphic
The great logo designed by Crowdwish to help bring some understanding about the real issues. If there is no toilet where a person can “go” then that person simply can’t go there.


If you love someone who finds it hard to go out just because there are no toilet facilities for them to use, contact Crowdwish. Get a poster and when you find a place lacking in accessibility take a picture of you or your loved one next to it and post on social media with #icantgohere and let it be known that it is not okay to exclude people from enjoying everyday experiences.

At the end of the day, it isn’t really about the toilet. Nobody goes to a theme park just to use their toilet. We want to be able to use their toilet so that we can go to the theme park.


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