Maybe a logo does matter.

I have never had any interest in buying something because of the logo.

I do like to buy the children properly fitted shoes but I don’t think Clarks counts when people talk about branded goods.

I also admit to being rather proud that my teenage son has no interest in buying things with a large logo splattered across it. He sees through that nonsense.

Yet today…

Today I discovered the true value of a logo.


The “Changing Places” logo.

When I see this logo displayed, it tells me something. It tells me that my son CAN “go” here.

It tells me that I don’t have to ask any questions. I can just turn up with my son and his needs are not a “problem”.

This morning we set off happily to a special event, organised specifically for people with disabilities. My son asked, as always, if they had a toilet and I cheerily assured him that they did.

I don’t like to visit somewhere which involves a 40 minute drive unless I know there is a fully accessible toilet. Would you?

So we turned up, parked, started to look around at some of the displays and, obviously, looked for the toilet. I knew that the site didn’t have its own permanent one so had assumed from the logo that they had hired a mobile Changing Places toilet.

Can you imagine the absolutely crushing disappointment of a nine year old child who has just discovered that he should not have come?

Not quite what the logo suggests. No toilet. No basin.

I am sure that the organisers of the event meant well. I am sure they thought they were acting kindly and I don’t doubt that there were some people who found the bench and hoist useful. But was it acceptable?

Would you have wanted to get undressed here?

Would you be happy if you headed to the toilets and found this? I am guessing that you would expect solid walls and a door, as well as a light as basic standards, probably with a toilet and basin too?

So does my son.

Mobile Changing Places toilets exist.

This is what that logo tells me to expect.


Doing it with a good heart and with good intentions doesn’t make it okay.

Even if what you provide is okay for some, it doesn’t make it right to falsely advertise it as  Changing Place.

Today a small boy was hurt. A small boy felt like he didn’t matter even at an event set up for people with disabilities.

What hope can he have for the future when he doesn’t matter here?

Please only advertise it as a Changing Place if it is one.

It turns out that a logo really does matter.


If you are planning an event, make sure it is accessible to all.

Hire a mobile changing places toilet, like the Mobiloo.

Show every visitor that they matter.

3 thoughts on “Maybe a logo does matter.

    1. I hadn’t asked but only because I didn’t feel the need to ask questions. That logo told me I didn’t need to. Where that logo is used, it tells people that a certain specification is provided.


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