What Is A Mobiloo?

Many who need a Mobiloo have sadly never heard about it.

It is definitely not to be confused with a Malibu.

You might be unhappy if you ordered a Malibu and got a Mobiloo.
But that disappointment would be nothing compared to ordering a Mobiloo and getting a Malibu.

Because THIS is a Mobiloo!


You park it up like any other vehicle and bring down the lift, which is ideal for people with mobility difficulties, wheelchair users and indeed pretty much any person as most of us would love to go on the lift!

And, once inside, it gets even better!


Toilet, basin, bin, grab rails, ceiling hoist and a bench to lay on if required.

Everything a person might need in order to use the toilet.

Everything I might need as an able bodied person and everything my son might need as well. He needs a hoist to get up from his wheelchair, a bench to lay on to sort clothing and switch to his toileting sling as well as a toilet with rails to enable him to “go” before washing his hands and getting back to whatever he was doing before he needed the toilet.

How simple is this solution?

It is on wheels, can be driven to most places and comes with an attendant who takes care of everything.

If you are responsible for staging a special event, town celebration, local festival, music performance or a play day at a local park (just to name a few) why not call these guys on  0300 030 1255 to make the arrangements in advance.

Likewise, if  you have a business or attraction and haven’t yet installed your permanent changing places toilet facility but want to make sure you are not excluding disabled visitors, why not consider hiring the Mobiloo for now?

Why miss out on the potential custom of disabled people?

Surely you want everyone to know that they are welcome?

Surely you want your business/attraction/organisation to be the best it can be?

So get on the phone, book accessible facilities and tell everyone about it.

We recently went to the zoo.
There was a Mobiloo.
And there was a queue!

Mobiloo queue

When you have the facilities…

People will come.

The people in the photo above, one family inside and two waiting, would not have been at the zoo that day without this facility. Neither would a lot of others who visited that day simply because the Mobiloo made it possible.

People will most definitely come.

A big thank you goes to Cornwall Accessible Activities Programme for hiring the facility and making it possible for many more families to have a day out at the zoo.

And also to Matt, the wonderful attendant from Mobiloo, who was brilliant with every child and family who needed to use it.

Without the Mobiloo, this One Perfect Day would not have been possible.




17 thoughts on “What Is A Mobiloo?

    1. It is run as a not for profit group so costs are kelp as low as possible. It will vary though according to how far they are travelling and whether the attendant has to stay overnight.

      Give them a call or contact them through their website or Facebook page. They are very quick to respond.


    1. I don’t think there is one in Ireland at the moment but there could be a plan for one there soon. I happen to know there is a small group planning one for Cornwall!


    1. It is an amazing idea!

      Using it last week gave us a taste of what we are missing. So I brought it down again on Wednesday of this week!


        1. I am an enthusiastic campaigner for Changing Places toilet facilities in Cornwall and learned about Mobiloo through that work.

          I was very keen to see one and it is a great solution. It can be hired by businesses, organisations or individuals.


  1. Hello all, Thank you Rachel for your wonderful blog post about us. I am so glad you all had a great time with our Mobiloo, the Attendant Driver Matt said it was the best booking he had ever been on!

    Christine, I have posted links to our Facebook page and our website at the bottom of this post, all the information you need will be there and you can always give us a call!

    Candi, we are going to be at the Friends Goodwill Festival in Larne, NI on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of May, So if you fancy planning a day out (if it’s not too far!) then we are there all weekend.

    Thank you all,

    The Mobiloo Team

    0300 030 1255

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