No Go Britain

At the end of June Adam and I had the opportunity to take part in some filming with the No Go Britain team, who are part of Channel 4 news. Feel free to read ‘What Does One Wear On TV?’ for our story from that day.

We filmed at home and at Cornwall Services and have waited nervously for it to be aired.

I was nervous, Adam has just been bursting with excitement!

On Tuesday 2nd August it was finally aired and I am pleased to be able to show our contribution to this great news item.

Please click  HERE to view the film.

Once again, my thanks go to the great team at Cornwall Services. I am sure that they will all be impressed by their manager, Alex Lawson, who took part in the film.

Yet I know I do not need to thank them.

The truth is, they thank me for telling them that this facility was needed.

They didn’t know it was needed. They did not know that people were excluded. They didn’t know that so many people had their lives limited by something as small and as fixable as needing a ceiling hoist and a changing bench in a toilet.

They didn’t know and they felt bad.

Once they knew, they wanted to do better!



If you are a business manager or owner and you share the values of Cornwall Service please get in touch.

You can make a difference too.







9 thoughts on “No Go Britain

  1. Such a great success story! I remember reading your initial post and being impressed with the response of the company. Its great to read that this has gone even further and received much more fantastic coverage, well done lovely and thanks for sharing this on #MarvMondays. Emily

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    1. Thank you.

      Cornwall Services really is a brilliant company. They are still working on improving things. Small touches matter, the manager’s wife bought some fish stickers to decorate the tiles to make it look interesting and nice for children. Awesome people!


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