Asda is aware of invisible disabilities.


It really is. It is about time this was recognised.

You might have seen this picture on social media sites today, the story is available HERE but, in a nutshell, an Asda store placed the sign on the toilet door as a reminder to all that some people may need to use the toilet for reasons which are not obvious.

There are many disabilities which are not visible and I know of several people who have been met with tutting (and worse) when they have needed to use the toilet-with-a-wheelchair-logo-on-the -door.

I think it is great that Asda have done this. It is a good reminder to all.

However, to the best of my knowledge, only one single Asda store has a truly “Accessible Toilet”. It is in Sheffield so a bit of a trek for us!

My son’s disabilities are completely obvious yet he cannot use a toilet in any Asda store.

So obvious and so large that, no matter how much I might try, there is not even a tiny chance that I could hide them from Asda’s management team.

So why is he not seen?

Please, Asda, see my son.

See several hundred thousand people in this country who CANNOT use any of your toilets.

Please, see my son.



All he needs is a ceiling hoist and a changing bench and then he could use the toilet too.

A toilet with this equipment in doesn’t stop anyone else from using it either!

In fact, it doesn’t matter what your gender or ability, everyone is welcome to use a Changing Places toilet.





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5 thoughts on “Asda is aware of invisible disabilities.

  1. It still amazes me how few of these facilities exist. Big companies, especially have no excuse. They have plenty of resources at their disposal to make it happen! We often find ourselves going home or changing J in the car if we can. I wish it could be easier for you Rachel. Thanks for sharing this. It certainly helps to keep raising awareness. Hopefully one day people will listen.

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  2. How do we still live in a society where facilities as this are so rare? This is a great post to raise awareness and I hope others will listen! If there is a petition or anything I can sign, please feel free to email the link and I will gladly sign because something needs to be done! Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes 🙂 Janet

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