What is it about Tesco?

If you have children, I am guessing they love a trip to Tesco.

We have “Tiny Tesco” which does not sell many toys or have a café, and “Big Tesco” which is a Tesco Extra store selling pretty much everything you might want to buy. It has a café and they hold fun events there too – just a couple of weeks ago they had a fun day with lots going on, including live ducks outside!

Oh yes, we love Tesco.

My son Adam is going to be 10 years old on Monday and he has always been a fan of Tesco. When he was smaller we used to meet friends there for lunch. (We occasionally met friends there for breakfast but please don’t tell my husband that!)

Tesco, what a great store!

Every little helps! They even sent me a card recently to mark my 350th home delivery! For my 351st home delivery I had a gift! A box containing strawberries, cream, crumpets and elderflower cordial!

Yes, my Tesco Extra store cares about customers! Quite clearly it does, they send cards and gifts!

So, 19 days ago when I hand delivered a letter to the manager I was sure I would get a reply. We have not yet received a reply. I am ever hopeful that this is because they have been busy investigating what is needed.

One of the reasons I order online so frequently is because it is no longer easy for us to go in. It has been years since we enjoyed a sneaky breakfast at Tesco or enjoyed lunch with friends before doing our shopping.

If they had no toilets, would you take your child to the café for lunch and a drink before shopping? Neither would I. Adam needs accessible toilets, with a hoist to lift him from his wheelchair and a bench to sort clothes and switch to his toileting harness before hoisting him onto the toilet. Only one Tesco store in the country has such a facility.

We popped in today to check out the possibility of maybe taking our own mobile hoist in, but the toilet clearly isn’t big enough.

It was a struggle to turn the powered wheelchair around in there. Interestingly, the “parent and baby room” is  larger than the “disabling toilet”.

There is no legal requirement to provide a baby changing facility yet Tesco gives more floor space to a baby changing room than it does to a wheelchair user.

Tesco baby room

So why would Tesco be so keen to provide facilities of which they have no legal requirement to provide?

Because they value the custom of parents with babies and toddlers.

Why don’t they value the custom of people like me and Adam?






7 thoughts on “What is it about Tesco?

  1. It does make you wonder doesn’t it. Mums and babies obviously hold more of the market so therefore hold greater importance to Tesco. Keep going Hun. Don’t give up! I agree with the queen of collage that a combined baby/ disabled toilet could be a good way forward. Thank you for linking up to #ablogginggoodtime 🎉


  2. I am so sorry to hear that you haven’t had a reply yet. We LOVE Tesco’s and fingers crossed the delay is only because they want to give you a proper reply. One would hope that if it’s not possible to make an adaption at that particular store, then at least future stores will. Fingers crossed. Thank you for sharing this with the #DreamTeam xx


    1. After 26 days they did telephone me but only to say that it was not a decision they could make locally and it would be passed on. I have requested a meeting with someone who can make a decision.

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