What would you do?

If when you arrived at the zoo, for example, you discovered that all their toilets were out of action, I am assuming that you would probably choose to go somewhere else.

But what if that place had the same problem?

And the next?

That is our world.

That is the world for hundreds of thousands of children and adults all over the country.

I can't go here graphic

That wheelchair logo on the toilet door might as well say “No Entry” if you use a wheelchair and cannot self-transfer.

Some people need a hoist to lift them from their wheelchair and onto the toilet. Some need a bench to lie on for pad changes. Others may just need space to properly position their wheelchair and some hand rails in order to self-transfer to the toilet.

My son is ten years old and cannot use the toilet without the assistance of a hoist.

So he can’t have a day out at the zoo. (Or at most of the other places you might have visited this summer.)

If it was your child wouldn’t you want to make life as good as it could be?

If it would not be okay for your child, please SIGN THIS PETITION.

Let everyone know that it is not okay!






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