Another day out spoiled…

We were not going to do much, just popping into the city centre so that I could buy new winter shoes and maybe have some lunch.

My shoes leak. It is unpleasant.

So I decided to brave the Changing Places toilet at Cornwall Council office once again so that we could maximise our shopping and eating time. It is on the outskirts, a short drive away but it still makes it possible to venture into town.

Adam was immediately upset because he didn’t want to get stuck again (see Problems)  but I eventually managed to convince him that we would not get stuck this time.

The signage out front has not been improved yet to tell people how to gain access but they have at least removed the sign on the toilet door which tells people they need to get a key from Reception. (The door has no key, it only locks from the inside)

So we got in!

There was a knock on the door. The security guard informed me that there was a fault with the hoist and it doesn’t hold charge. Thank goodness he told me because there was not a sign to that effect anywhere. Adam might have ended up stuck again if the guard had been  dealing with an incident. It would have damaged his faith in hoists and possibly in me.

19 days earlier we had discovered a problem. I was told that the council had called a company to fix it as soon as they realised it was not holding charge but nobody has fixed it yet.

I am a little surprised. The council runs a service which fixes these things!

So we came home.

If Truro city centre had an accessible toilet facility we could have gone shopping. Shouldn’t the “Cathedral City of Truro” be accessible to all? If it was, I would have bought some good winter shoes and maybe a pair of boots if Adam gave me time! We could have had lunch too.

But we didn’t.

My shoes continue to leak.

And my son does not understand why he can’t “go” in town.

“Why not?”

I need things to get better before his mental health suffers.

Wouldn’t yours?




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