Eden Project

The Eden Project is a real gem of a day out for us and we have had many lovely days here.


Adam, managing to join us on a family day out even before being born!

It is one of Adam’s favourite places to go. Mine too, although for me that is possibly because I know I can relax and we can stay all day.

After driving for an hour with a child, the first point of call is the toilet! Thankfully, it is no problem at Eden!

Not only does it have the equipment needed, it also has plenty of signage explaining how to operate things. Obviously, when you rely on this sort of equipment you do know how to use it but there can be slight variations so it is helpful to have these signs.

Despite the hilly landscape, Eden is fabulous for wheelchair users. The pathways are wide, there is a lift down to the main area, carefully planned gradients inside the biomes and a ‘land train’ with a wheelchair accessible carriage which has a lift, lockdown points and the ability to carry three wheelchair users each time with their families.

Not a wheelchair space, separate from everyone, but a properly accessible way to travel with your group. The staff who operate the land train are always cheerful, always remember Adam and talk to him, never over him.

On one of the occasions when we were using the land train on this visit, we got off to discover six wheelchair users were waiting to ride! Clearly many other wheelchair users find Eden to be a great day out too.

Yet, quite often, when I ask other attractions to consider installing a toilet facility with a bench and hoist they respond by saying that they don’t have that many wheelchair using visitors so don’t think they need it.

Maybe there is a reason wheelchair users are not visiting those places?

A lot of thought has gone into true accessibility at The Eden Project. Even the willow spiral is accessible, with space to turn in the centre as well. Very few places have fun areas which enable a child with Adam’s needs to play with his friends.

Eden is a place you can return to time and again yet always see something different.

I had no idea of the number of varieties of aubergine till this visit, although I didn’t get any photos as Adam was less fascinated by them so hurried past!

The food served at Eden is always utterly delicious. The Eden Kitchen can be a little difficult to navigate with a wheelchair on busy days but there are several other options, including a lovely café in the Mediterranean Biome.

In between the two biomes there is a juice bar which is well worth stopping at. Adam and I are working our way through the menu options and they are also happy for you to create your own juice flavour too. Again, no photo, although this time  because we were too busy enjoying the juice!

There are often exhibitions to view and on this visit there was an apple pressing demonstration. They were also busy getting the ice rink ready for the winter season and building an area which will house Santa.

For those who need more thrills, do head off to Eden’s zipwire which covers 660m and reaches up to 60mph. There is also a giant swing and a freefall jump to “enjoy” but the juice bar is more my thing!

I got a little dizzy playing in the spiral circle, I know my limitations!


As always, there is the gift shop as you leave but this one is a little different to the usual. After many visits I do now have more cacti than I really need and a lemon tree. Better than another cuddly toy or selection of plastic tat though!

All in all, Eden is a wonderful place to visit.

For everyone.

Isn’t that how every attraction should be?






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5 thoughts on “Eden Project

  1. Awww what lovely photos. It looks like you had a really great day out. We still haven’t made a trip to the Eden project, but it is somewhere I would love to visit. It sounds like Eden have pretty much thought of everything to make all their visitors enjoy their day… and that’s why they keep coming back. Thanks so much for sharing with the #DreamTeam xx

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  2. What a fabulous place, and how great that it is so inclusive and they have thought of everything it seems. Looks like you had lots of fun – the tractor ride looks fab! I bet it’s really special in the winter with the ice rink and Santa’s grotto all set up. #DreamTeam

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