Where do we go from here?

When you are trying to campaign for something which matters to your child there is a fine line where you have to decide how involved your child can be.

For me, that line is that Adam must not suffer any harm, neither physically nor emotionally.

Which makes it really difficult to decide how to approach businesses and local attractions.

We have stayed away from places so as not to hurt Adam. I didn’t want him seeing their toilets and feeling unwelcome.

But that is hurting him to.

He can’t use regular “disabled” toilets because he is disabled! Surely it is time to meet the actual needs, not just apply minimum standards?

So I have spoken to Adam and we have a “work plan”.

We are going to visit lots of attractions in Cornwall in the coming weeks and we are both understanding that they will be short visits so that we can assess the current situation and hopefully speak with someone from the management team. We have lots of information ready to leave with them.

Adam understands what it is for. He understands that they don’t have “good toilets” and that we will be speaking to them to try to get them to put “good toilets” in.

Adam is 10 years old and keen to get to “work”.

I am so proud of him.


So if you see us out and about, taking photos of toilets or dashing off quickly because we have to “go” please support us and speak to the management too. Let them know that even though you don’t need a hoist assisted toilet, you do believe that they should have one.

One day, any one of us might find ourselves in a position where we depend on them.

Any one of us can become disabled at any time.

16 thoughts on “Where do we go from here?

    1. He was keen to get started today but it has rained all day here and, when you are only going to be able to stay somewhere for an hour you want an hour of dry weather really!


  1. This is great. It’s lovely that your son is on board and understanding of your challenge. Greater awareness is needed. I wish you well on your outings and hopefully you succeed. I’m up in north lancs so won’t see you out and about. Good luck

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