The first “work” day.

My ten year old son went to “work”.

He wants to visit places, to check out how accessible their toilets are and give them some information about how to improve them.

Today he chose Dairyland Farm World near Newquay. I reminded him that we could only stay for an hour and I reminded him that it was not going to be a perfect day out. I needed to be sure that he understood.

When you can only stay an hour you need to check out the schedule of the day at that attraction and pick the hour you will get most from. I wanted there to be something good for him, despite the “work” aspect.

We decided to go for 2pm, Pat-a-Pet, as I knew from experience that it is an accessible activity.

I can’t get him on a pony or on the hayride and the bottle feeding area was likely to be hectic during half term week. So we chose to avoid those things.

We arrived just before 2pm and headed straight to the Pat-a-Pet area.

Everyone sits in a line on haybales. I placed Adam as close to one end as possible and the young man announced that he would start a rabbit at one end and a guinea pig at the other. Despite being on one end, no animal came to Adam but was passed to the first child on the haybales.

I am so very grateful to a lady standing nearby who was clearly stunned at the way Adam was missed. She explained to the children sat on the hay bales that Adam had been missed at the start and asked if it would be okay to take the rabbit to him for a moment.

Children are wonderful. They immediately see what is right and were happy for her to do so. I don’t think the staff member intended any hurt, he was young and I suppose there is a possibility that he might have been told that children must be sat on the bales.

Adam petted the rabbit and a guinea pig and enjoyed chatting to a ferret.

Adam was most excited to see the playhouse outside. He had loved playing in it when he was smaller, when I used to lift him and carry him inside.

Sadly, the door was too small for him to get in but he settled for looking in the window from the outside.

Some days that feels like the story of his life – being outside, looking in.


But he made the best of it, which is something which makes me proud but also sad, for he doesn’t expect to be able to play.

We did enjoy looking at the animals though. We saw cows, sheep, ponies, donkeys and even alpacas. Paths were wheelchair accessible and we did like going over the little bridge.


By now we were reaching the point where we were likely to need a toilet in the next half an hour or so – I certainly was! So we handed in his letter and the information we had brought and headed home.

Even if we had brought his toilet chair and  mobile hoist it would not have been possible to use them in the current “disabled” toilets.

There is another toilet block in the car park with more toilets for all and another “disabled” toilet which we couldn’t use either.

On the whole, I found it a tough hour. It was really hard for me to be somewhere so filled with reminders of how inaccessible the world is.

But Adam enjoyed it and he wants to go back!

He enjoyed seeing the animals and it was a shame to leave when we had only explored a small part of what is available.

Had there been an accessible toilet we would have arrived earlier and stayed all day. We would have enjoyed lunch in Clarabelle’s Kitchen. They always served good food and Adam used to love their tasty strawberry milkshakes.

He was keen to go to get food before we left but then he would have wanted a drink…

As it was, I was quite desperate to get home to use the toilet. They had plenty there which I could use, but how can I be comfortable when my son cannot?

20 thoughts on “The first “work” day.

  1. Oh, it looks like Adam really enjoyed it, despite some of the challenges. Hopefully, when you share this post with them, they will consider some of the facilities and the inclusion for all (even if it wasn’t intended to exclude).

    Kat x

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  2. Why are there toilets that some disabled cannot even use? Shouldn’t the doors be big enough for wheelchairs? Grrr. I’m glad though in spite of this, Adam still had fun. I admire his spirit! 🙂

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  3. Oh no it is such a shame about the toilets. It looked like he was having a great day until it was time to go. I can see what you mean about not wanting to go and be comfortable, it must be awful for him wanting to go but not having thee right facilities for him 😦

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    1. It really isn’t nice. This equipment is needed by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK alone. The Equality Act is supposed to be anticipatory but nobody will follow it till there is a legal challenge.


  4. I really hope they do something about this – it should absolutely be accessible to everyone or what is the point. I love that he enjoyed petting the animals though – and a ferret too – argh much braver than me Adam! x

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  5. I used to work in social care and I was aways amazed in this day and age that there are so few proper accessible toilets and facilities. It still sounds like he had fun with the animals, though, I don’t think I could have petted a ferret. x

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  6. I think what you are doing is a really great idea – raising awareness about what true accessibility is. Still, it is so sad and unfair that you find your son is often on the outside looking in and missing out. I’m pleased he still had a good time – he sounds like a great kid with a fantastic attitude. (Lucy/R is for hoppit)

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  7. It’s a shame the loos were inaccessible which meant your day was cut short but at least Adam enjoyed himself #marvmondays


  8. The part where you wrote about him being outside looking in almost broke my heart. I can’t believe that the world is still so exclusive. It also broke my heart that he doesn’t expect to be able to play, that’s so wrong. A brilliant post, that I will share everywhere I can! Thank you for linking up to #EatSleepBlogRT

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  9. So lovely that he enjoyed himself regardless of the negatives of the day. It surprises me so much that the world isn’t more accessible for wheelchair users in these modern times. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Kaye xo

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    1. He has an amazing way of enjoying the moment. Although sometimes that makes me sad as I know he does it because he has to.


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