We love Penzance!

We actually had a whole afternoon out this week!

Meeting friends in a café is probably not a big deal for most but, for us and hundreds of thousands of others, it is a huge thing.

Would you take your child out to eat at a café with no toilets? For that is the reality of our lives when we leave the house.

Yet Poppies café in Penzance is different – they welcome EVERYONE!

Some friends were in Cornwall for a short break and we each have children who need Changing Places toilets so we met at Poppies Café. I had not been before , but a friend had checked it out for me and confirmed that the cake was fabulous!

Poppies Café was easy to find and was even better than my expectations!

Hot drinks were only a pound each. Cakes and hot food are incredibly well priced – you can eat well here for just a few pounds. And EVERY MEMBER of your group can use the toilet!

How awesome is that???

Whilst a ceiling hoist is always preferable, as mobile ones are heavy and take a lot more space in the room, it was possible to get Adam out of his chair, to the bench, to the toilet and back again. Without these facilities we would not have had a fun afternoon out with friends. We would not have visited Penzance at all.

Without that toilet facility we would not have enjoyed these smiles with our friends!


Thanks to the Changing Places toilet we were able to do a little shopping too. Adam discovered a fabulous sweet shop which he encouraged his friends to shop in as well – not that they needed much encouragement!

Do “follow” Poppies on Facebook and do pop in any time you are visiting Penzance.

For many families, like mine, this place now makes it possible for us to visit Penzance 9am-4pm Monday to Friday and from 9am-2pm on Saturdays.

Penzance business owners should all support this café as it is enabling many to come and spend money in Penzance. We shall be back!

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