Trick or treat?

When I take my son out, it rarely feels like a treat.

And that is not a reflection on him or me, it is just a sad fact of the reality of our lives.

He is just a boy and I am just a mum, so why should it be so hard?

Why are we so unable to enjoy the usual joys of childhood and parenthood?

My son is 10, which is an awesome age for fun activities together.

Ah, did you spot the wheelchair?

No, the chair isn’t the problem!

Adam’s wheelchair ENABLES him.

What disables him are these…

And these…

Toilets without a hoist and changing table are useless to him.

Yet most places advertise that they are accessible even though they have toilets which are too small to turn a wheelchair in or, in some cases, too small to even get in and close the door behind you!

Trick, not treat!

Is this anywhere near okay?

Every local attraction, shopping centre, football stadium, cinema, leisure centre, supermarket, theatre and town centre has the power to turn their nasty trick of a completely disabling toilet into a totally accessible treat!

And that list is just for starters!

Why shouldn’t EVERYONE be able to use a toilet EVERYWHERE that YOU expect to be able to use a toilet?

These are what my son considers to be treats. This is what makes a great day out possible!

It really isn’t that hard to make the world a better place.

Please, for the year ahead, help Adam to turn nasty tricks into wonderful treats.

Sign this petition.

When you go shopping or to the theatre, or anywhere else you expect to use a toilet, do check out the mysterious toilet with the logo on the door and ask yourself if it really is accessible.

Ask yourself if this place is a treat, or just another nasty let down for too many people.




19 thoughts on “Trick or treat?

  1. This is such an important post that everyone really does need to read. It’s not fair that they say accessible when in fact they aren’t accessible at all! Adam deserves to have a fun day oout be able to go to the bathroom where ever yous end up.

    Jordanne ||

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  2. I’ve just signed the petition. I’d never really thought about disabled toilets much but realise at most they have a handrail! The shopping centre in Milton Keynes has really good disabled toilets with hoists though and that’s the first place I’ve seen them. #globalblogging

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    1. That would be fantastic! The more people who share these stories the better.

      You never know who will read it and some readers might just be in a position to change things in their business.


  3. SIGNED. I never really thought about the bathrooms and how they should have a hoist, especially as it’s designated “disabled” toliet? That doesn’t make sense to me. I hope you get a lot of people signing your petition, looks like it’s going well so far. : ) My brother was in a wheel chair for a while and I remember him saying that the world really hasn’t made it easy for him, to get into bars or restaurants with his friends was always an ordeal so he would end up staying at home. Hoping your town isn’t this bad as I know some places are better than others : ). Thanks for sharing with #GlobalBlogging!

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