Remember Me?

When I was very little I would warn my parents that I was getting angry by saying “I’ll turn green”. Quite why I used an Incredible Hulk reference is beyond me as I have always been a little scared of The Hulk, but I did!

If you read “That Annoying Woman“you will know that Adam and I sent letters to several local town councils. Six weeks ago.

We are patient people but I think 6 weeks is time enough to expect a reply.

Only one, Truro City Council, replied. It was not a great reply, but they did at least acknowledge our letter.

Maybe our letters to Falmouth, Camborne, Redruth, Hayle and St Ives Town Councils went astray?

Or maybe the replies just didn’t reach us?

Surely it can’t be that they ignored us?

Whatever the reason, this boy took the effort to send letters informing them that people with disabilities are currently excluded from enjoying days out in these towns, and he is still waiting for replies.


I placed a simple poll question on Twitter recently and shared it. With the nature of Twitter it was shared among people I don’t actually know.


Many were surprised at the question.

Of course they expected it! How else would they go to town or to shopping centres?

The provision of toilet facilities is clearly EXPECTED in these places by the vast majority of those who voted.

Shouldn’t people who need a hoist and changing table expect it too?

So we will be sending further copies of our letters to local town councils and I am very hopeful that they will be received this time.

My son is getting upset when he can’t go to places.

When my son is hurt, I do get angry.

I may yet turn green!




Cuddle Fairy

15 thoughts on “Remember Me?

  1. It’s ridiculous that they haven’t replied, it’s infuriating waiting for a letter even as a grown up but even more so for a child. Maybe we should all turn green and launch a rebellion x


  2. Throughout history there are always examples where the few, or even one, spoke out, and decades later we look back and can’t believe the majority didn’t see it at the time..but History keeps repeating itself, and I definitely want to be on the list who stood with you, and the thousands of others who need this basic updated essential facility. I could need this one day, who knows, and how sad I’d be not to go out with my boys due to outdated, inaccessible toilets! Keep your passion, keep your voices heard, one day you may be celebrated! Think of Rosa Parks on that bus..and all the others like her!

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  3. To be honest, this makes me want to turn green, too! I find it a disgrace that no-one has managed a reply (bar 1) and hope that you and your boy receive some decent, useful and productive feedback soon. If you need any help on Twitter etc. to shame these town councils, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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  4. I really hope they reply to you soon. Is it the Cornish councils you’re trying to get hold of specifically? I know my mum has been doing lots of campaigning lately and has been getting in touch directly with lots of the council (we’re based in Hayle/St.Ives). I don’t know if she has direct contacts, but I can certainly find out for you. Message me if you need to know more ( xx

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    1. Hayle is among those I have contacted! Yes, most of my toilet campaigning is Cornwall based although the motorway service network and Disney World are also important for us. I am hoping that Legoland will add one as well, they have rooms with hoists in their hotel, just not in the park, which seems odd when they are clearly recognising that that they are needed. I will be in touch!


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