“You so totally rock, Squirt!”

Some days it is hard to keep strong, especially when people ignore you when you write to them or when they try to skirt round it like it doesn’t matter.

It can feel very lonely, especially when you are stuck on the outside, unable to enter. Even more so when others can go in so easily.

It is exhausting. Many parents of disabled children will agree that having to constantly argue for their child’s right to services, education and to social activities is where most of their energy is spent. These are people who are already doing way beyond the regular demands of parenting, which I am sure we all agree is hard enough.

And sometimes it is harder still to support your child in their wish to bring change. You fear that they might get hurt and you will not be able to take it away.

But we can’t protect them from everything and doing nothing is not going to improve anything.

Adam just wants to be able to go out and be a child.

That really isn’t asking too much. Is it?

What if it was your child needing a hoist assisted toilet? Would you accept that they just couldn’t go out?

Or would you tell that little dude how proud you are of them and do all you could to make them proud of you?

Adam, you so totally rock!

The Equality Act is there to protect disabled people from “less favourable treatment”. Much like I am here to protect my son from it.

Maybe it is time for us to team up?








12 thoughts on ““You so totally rock, Squirt!”

  1. I used to work in the public sector and so can really understand where you are coming from about having to put so much energy into fighting for Adam’s rights. It’s terrible and the system should not be like this, it shouldn’t be a battle and certainly not one that takes your energy further. Give yourself a pat on the back mama, your doing wonderful.

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  2. It’s truly awful that you have to fight for basic services and everyone should be treated equally no matter what their circumstances. Keep on fighting, you seem incredibly strong to be dealing with this! X

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  3. so Lovely. My next door neighbour as a severely disabled son and the feel like they are treated different because of it. You must be so proud to have him as your son xx


  4. It must get so frustrating and draining! But as mums, we can only do one thing, and that’s keep on going. Your son knows how much you do for him and he is very lucky to have a mum that is willing to help him fight his battles (although as you say, there shouldn’t really be any battles to fight).

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  5. Must be so frustrating for you, you really shouldn’t have to fight and argue to access services and activities. How is this still happening in 2016?

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