SafeSip Drink Covers

SafeSip drink covers have to be one of my best finds ever!

I don’t do reviews for companies, this is purely my experience of a product which we have been using for several years now.

My son is 10 years old and needs to use a straw for all drinks to reduce episodes of choking. He has a neuromuscular condition and cannot independently manage open topped cups or glasses but I wanted to move away from kiddie cups. These offer the ideal solution.


They are available in a number of colours and from many retailers.  The clear ones are my preference as they offer a very discreet look, particularly for older children and adults. I tend to shop online with Amazon where they are available singly as well as in packs of two or three.

My pack of three clear SafeSip drink covers cost £11.66 which I consider to be very reasonable.

They are used constantly and each one usually lasts a couple of months. We have had the occasional one split after just a short period of use but, in the three years we have used them, we are very satisfied that they are a good product.

They fit over a variety of glasses – the large one in this photo holds one pint. They easily fit on most plastic cups and, for special occasions, on wine glasses.


I don’t give my 10 year old wine! But when others are using wine glasses I like him to have a fancy glass too. He loves to feel grown up.

Sometimes drinks get knocked spilled but the SafeSip tops reduce spillage. This cup was half filled and had no leakage when just knocked sideways and, as you can see, only leaked a little when purposely upturned.

If you have a person who can use a straw but requires a sealed cup it is worth trying SafeSip drink covers. They really do offer a discreet way to help many people manage drinks independently, regardless of age.

I have also put them to good use over the summer months as a way to stop flying creatures from landing in my drinks!

I came across these by chance and they have proved very useful. I wish someone had told me about them years before as they have really worked for us. If you have any other tips or suggestions of good products to aid eating and drinking, please share them with me!

Do also check out Calming Clippers if managing hair cutting is difficult.

33 thoughts on “SafeSip Drink Covers

    1. I think we can all remember the childhood joy of feeling like a grown up. I always hope that my boy will have those moments too.


  1. I love that they can go over wine glasses. Obviously not to advocate giving kids wine, but giving them juice or something in a wine glass a lovely way to make them feel grown up. Glad you found these!

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  2. These look great! EJ is only 6 so uses a kiddie cup (our new favourite is the munchkin 360), but this is definitely something to keep in mind for when she’s older, or as you say, maybe I should get some now for our own summer G&Ts, then I won’t forget they exist! – I’m forever seeing something really cool and then forgetting all about it! Going to pin this too!

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    1. I do wonder why they don’t market them for clubs and pubs so that people can feel safe that their soft drinks are not being spiked.

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