Helping Harvey.

Did you watch Children In Need and shed tears for some of those children?

Did you wish that no child had to endure pain?

Did you wish you could do something to help a child right now?

Some days we can’t make everything better for everyone but I know a child who you can do something for right now.

Harvey is 8 years old and needs our help.

Harvey was born prematurely at just 28 weeks and has cerebral palsy. He has worked very hard to increase the strength in his legs and he is able to use a walking frame and tripod sticks for short periods but he has a lot of muscle spasms and pain which stops him from achieving his potential.

Walking with his tripod sticks is a huge effort because he is battling his own body in order to take steps and, as his body gets bigger and heavier, he might not be able to continue doing this.

Can you imagine his heartbreak when, after so much effort though his childhood, his body just becomes too big and heavy to move?

We have all experienced the pain of a muscle cramp at some point. Can you imagine having to watch your child endure that pain each day and be unable to relieve it for them?

Harvey has the chance to have an operation which will not only take that pain away but which should enable him to stand and walk independently!

The procedure, called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy, or SDR for short, can be done at Bristol Children’s Hospital, 200 miles away from Harvey’s home in Cornwall. Unfortunately, the NHS does not fund it and nor will it fund the intensive physiotherapy he will need afterwards.

Which is where every person with a kind heart and £2 comes in.

If giving just £2 could make Harvey walk I am sure that every person reading this would want to give him £2.

Yet £25,000 sounds like a huge amount, an insurmountable amount maybe?

But it isn’t. Not when people come together. Pennies do make pounds and the pounds add up quickly.

Please help make life better for Harvey by making a donation HERE.

Harvey has the most ordinary of hopes.

He wants to stand.
He wants to walk.
He wants the pain to stop.

Please help the pain to stop.

Be part of Team Harvey for just £2.

21 thoughts on “Helping Harvey.

    1. Thanks for your kind message. Harvey’s family appreciate all the support being shown. This operation will change his life.x


  1. I’ll share this for you, I hope Harvey gets what he needs. I can’t walk because of pain but mine didn’t start until I was 50, I can’t imagine what it would have been like trying to live my entire life this way. I really hope he gets his operation and has a great recovery, every child should be given a chance at least xxx

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    1. Sometimes the NHS decision makers lack the ability to look long term. The cost of the procedure is small compared to what they will save in medication, wheelchairs and walking frames over a person’s lifetime.


    1. It will happen. I would just love it if they could raise enough before Christmas so that they can tell Harvey that next Christmas he will walking and pain free. That would be the most amazing Christmas present.


  2. I am so sorry you can’t get this treatment funded, no doubt you have been on at the local health commissioners putting your case forward. It’s tragic that you have to fund this yourself!


    1. Harvey is the son of a friend and she is doing so well to hold herself together right now. It must be agonising to know that there is something which could ease his pain and improve his future but just not be able to afford it.


    1. His family are already overwhelmed at the kindness shown by so many. They will reach their target because their little boy is depending on them. There is nothing as determined as a parent!


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