The “C” word…

I know it is too early to start using the “C word” but I keep being reminded that we are mid November and December has a habit of following November.

Making Christmas special is really hard when you have a child who is physically limited and who is not developmentally able to do what most children can do.

There is just one toy which Adam wants for Christmas – a toy FAB 1 (Lady Penelope’s car from Thunderbirds) with wings which pop out. It is a simple toy, less than a tenner, and he has it sorted as he asked “Santa’s reindeer” when we were at the zoo recently.


The “reindeer” said it was sorted! So that leaves me no farther forward with a special idea to make his parents to look good on the big day!

There are lots of other things he wants but he knows they are not things I can buy him for Christmas. As much as I wish I could.

He would love to spend the day at the zoo.

He would love to go to the theatre.

He would love to go to a local theme park.

He would love to visit a farm park.

He would love to go out for lunch in the city centre.

He would love to be able to feed the penguins again at a local animal park.

So why am I not simply organising these simple joys for my child?

Because they are all impossible if you need a hoist assisted toilet.

He would love to go anywhere his friends are going without worrying that he might need the toilet.

Is that too much to ask?

I don’t think so.

It isn’t right that something as simple and fixable as a toilet with a hoist and changing table is stopping hundreds of thousands of people from enjoying simple days out.

If you own a business please take a look at these facilities and consider installing one.

If you believe in equality please sign our petition HERE and please share this request with everyone you know.

It is too late to give Adam the opportunity to go out and enjoy himself this year but we are holding out for a taste of magic next year.

Please help make a small boy’s dreams come true.

Help give a child a toilet for Christmas!





42 thoughts on “The “C” word…

  1. I didn’t know what a Changing Places toilet was until I read your blog. I spotted one yesterday in my Mum’s local shopping centre. Things are changing 🙂

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  2. I hope that he gets his Christmas wish, it must be incredibly frustrating for you all. I hadn’t heard of Changes Places toilets either! #brilliantblogpost

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    1. They really should be everywhere. The campaign has been running for ten years. My son is 10. It really isn’t right that his world is being limited like this.


  3. Its lovely that he has such a simple and modest Christmas list, and that he has already made plans with the reindeers – such a proactive boy!
    I wish you luck with your mission to get hoist assisted toilets installed in more places – I am so surprised that places like zoo’s and theatres don’t have them – surely those are exact kind of business that pride themselves on offering daytrips and memory making experiences for all?

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    1. Exactly! Zoos, cinemas and theatres are really places where nobody should be disadvantaged by not being able to stand or walk. Yet one simple and fixable detail is causing people to be excluded.


  4. It’s truly sad I hear a boy can’t have certain things because there are no facilities to aid and make everything simple/easier for you guys. I hope this changes soon

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  5. I find is amazing that so many places still don’t have enough basic facilities that accommodate everyone in 2016. I really hope more places start installing better facilities so that you and many other people get to take whatever trips or days out you like next year.

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  6. I really hope Adam gets his Christmas wish soon. I also really hope businesses start listening you’re doing a fab job at raising awareness. These things shouldn’t be made so difficult for you. #KCACOLS


  7. Being able to go somewhere for a day out and be able to go to the loo is something we all take for granted, I really hope companies start listening to you! Keep fighting the fight, I hope Adam gets to enjoy those things soon! #KCACOLS

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  8. I’ve signed the petition. I hope some of Adam’s wishes can be made true. You are doing such a brilliant job of raising awareness.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on Sunday x

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    1. It isn’t right. A chap contacted me on Twitter today to say that he has barely left the house for 10 years because he worries too much that he will not be able to hold on. This affects long term mental wellbeing.

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    1. Only because I know what will happen if I give up. A chap on Twitter told me today that he has been virtually housebound for 10 years due to a lack of accessible toilets causing him to be afraid he will have an accident when out.


  9. This is really terrible. The work you’re doing here is fantastic though and I’ve signed the petition. It’s awful to think that people are so limited to what they can do and where they can go. I really hope you all have a joyous Christmas anyway.


    1. I saw that film at the cinema and was heartbroken to realise that a person with Will Traynor’s needs would not have been able to access that screen to watch it. My son lied this week to get out of going to the cinema because he didn’t want to risk being uncomfortable or having an accident. That is horrible, no child should feel that worried about going to the cinema.


  10. I hope your wish comes true for next year.

    Thank you for linking up to #outsidemywindow, I hope you’ll be back next time!


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