Cracker joke?

How do people who use wheelchairs go to the toilet?

Sounds like a rubbish joke, doesn’t it?

The reality is even worse.

The UK is supposed to be a developed country which values equality and inclusion but the reality is far from that.

A Paralympic athlete and disability campaigner, Anne Wafula Strike MBE, has bravely highlighted the difficulties faced by disabled people by publicly sharing a terrible incident on a rail journey when the disabled toilet was out of action.

How long could you hold on for and just how would you feel if you didn’t manage to keep holding on? And if you were unable to hold on, would you want the world to know?

That is the reality faced by Adam every time we leave the home and I thank her for being bold enough to tell people about it.

Nobody would dispute that what happened to Anne Wafula Strike was anything other than horrendous, an experience which should not happen in this country. Many people have no doubt been shocked and appalled to learn that this happened once to one person.

Yet it happens every day to hundreds of thousands of people.

Yes, some of us need more than just a larger toilet, but is a hoist and bench really that difficult to install in shopping centres, service stations, cinemas or town centres? It doesn’t cost the earth and surely it makes good business sense to include everyone?

Isn’t it a matter of human dignity?





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