What happened to me?

I was sleeping in bed when I was awoken by Tom Hardy gently kissing me.

He asked what I wanted…

And then duly went to the kitchen to cook me porridge!

What has happened to me???

When did I get this boring???

It was clearly a dream at the time – I was living in the house I owned when I was single and before having children.

Yet I was still the tired, aching mum of a high needs child and my greatest desire was more sleep and someone making me breakfast!

I was still the mum who woke up thinking about the sleep she lost last night due to fretting about whether she had upset a local attraction by asking them to provide an accessible toilet with a hoist and bench so that her child is no longer excluded.

I was still worrying because I had highlighted an attraction which had largely ignored me for a year and fretting about how others would react.

Even in my sleep, I am a mum with work to do.

And it consumes me.

How boring am I???

So I need your help.

This is like a non-monetary crowdfunder to make me less dull and I hope you will all take part. It will only take a moment of your time…

Just share this post on your social media pages.

Or click here to share on Twitter.

Tell as many people as possible that there is a mum being driven to the point of losing the ability to know what to do should Tom Hardy arrive in her bedroom one morning.

All because her son needs Changing Places toilets – without them he has no access to the joys of childhood and often chooses to not go out at all.

That can never be right. He is only ten years old but, like most of us, he would be mortified if he could no longer hold on when he was out with friends.

So please help raise awareness of women across the country who are losing the ability to know what to do with Tom Hardy. It is a serious problem and awareness needs to be raised now before it is too late.

What will happen to these poor women otherwise?

They will, sadly, just get porridge!







40 thoughts on “What happened to me?

  1. Oooh you need him to make you French toast and to feed you pain au chocolat in bed! My dreams are pretty dreary – walking the dog! But don’t beat yourself up you’ve been working really hard! #kcalcols

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  2. Lol is it weird that I’m really not bothered about Tom Hardy? My crush is Robbie Williams and always wake up super happy when I’ve been dreaming about him 😉


    1. I like Robbie but Tom has such a nice voice! Enjoy your dreams! Either he makes great porridge or you are dreaming about something else! 😉


  3. I’m not sure Tom Hardy really does it for me, so I too would probably ask him to make my breakfast! In fact a cup of tea and a sleep would probably do! It’s a shame you have to worry so much though, in all seriousness. Keep fighting the good fight, you’re doing great!

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  4. Strangely enough, I’m often looking for a toilet in my dreams. And when I find one, the door to the cubicle will be missing, or the whole thing will be filthy, or not plumbed in or something strange like that. x #KCACOLS

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  5. Oh how I would love to have a dream about tom hardy!! I think I would try and stay asleep as long as possible hoping my subconscious might do me a favour and not make it into my normal dream of trying to dial a number on my phone but my fingers being too fat to press the buttons!!

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  6. This made me laugh! I’m going to be honest, I dont even know who Tom Hardy is? Does that mean I’m boring? I just don’t have time to look him up or even be concerned that my life may be a little duller with not knowing 😂

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  7. I’m not too sure who Tom Hardy is either, but I get the idea – i think I’d do the same. It is a funny post and a great way to spread the word. I hope more people listen to you and do something about it, accessible toilets really are a fundamental human right, I think and something worth fighting for so your son and many others don’t have to miss out any more. #KCACOLS

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