Thank You Exeter Services!

Traveling is not easy when you have to plan all your drinks and stops around the few Changing Places toilets on the motorway network. One of our favourite service stations was always Moto at Exeter, but when my son became too heavy for me to lift to the toilet, we could no longer stop there. If Adam can’t use… Continue reading Thank You Exeter Services!

Is that really me?

A few days ago I took part in a live discussion on the Victoria Derbyshire show which was being filmed nearby. It was an opportunity for local people to share the issues which matter to them as we head towards a General Election. In Cornwall the big issues were not Europe or immigration, but included… Continue reading Is that really me?

Time for Change.

“This is how it has always been done” often just means that nobody has questioned whether it is working, let alone asked if it could be better. When people question the standard and are told “it meets the minimum requirement” does it really mean that things are okay? Or might the standard be too low? Document M (the legal… Continue reading Time for Change.