Thank You Exeter Services!

Traveling is not easy when you have to plan all your drinks and stops around the few Changing Places toilets on the motorway network.

One of our favourite service stations was always Moto at Exeter, but when my son became too heavy for me to lift to the toilet, we could no longer stop there.

If Adam can’t use the toilet at a service station, none of us do!

But it makes traveling so hard for us all. On one occasion last year my son couldn’t hold on any longer and we had an unfortunate accident which would not have happened if Exeter had facilities for all.

We dealt with it but I am sure that it would be a mortifying experience for many adults.

But Moto did care and they did listen to all the people who had asked and when Exeter Services needed refurbishing they included a Changing Places toilet.

It was with great excitement that we stopped at Exeter Services this week and we are very pleased to share how great it is.


That logo on the door meant we were all able to use the facilities.

We were all able to have hot drinks.
Adam purchased a comic and snacks.
And he was very excited to choose a box of doughnuts to take home to share with his big brother!

CarefulKrispy K

Big brother loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts but they are not easy to find in Cornwall.

So thanks Exeter Services, for making my whole family happy!

If you have a business but don’t know about these facilities, take a look at this very short video showing the Changing Places toilet at Exeter Services.

It is not huge and it doesn’t take a lot of space.
But it does make the world of difference to so many.

It really isn’t that difficult to provide a warm welcome to all people.

And then we can be your customers too!

3 thoughts on “Thank You Exeter Services!

  1. Ridiculous when your outing revolves around where you can go to the toilet, but so brilliant that Exeter acknowledged this need and acted upon it! As you say, not only enabled you and Adam to go out, but also to become customers and spend your money with them! #accesslinky

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    1. It really has made a huge difference already. To me but also to Adam. He is happier about making long journeys now that he knows we can stop at Exeter Services.


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