The most ordinary moments.

When my son was little I thought I would always be able to do everything for him.
I thought I would always be strong and that I would never let him down.

Then life happened – he grew up and I grew older.

And a human body can only take so much.

Even something as simple as picking my son up for a cuddle is impossible without another adult and a hoist. I can lean in and hug him but it isn’t the same as sweeping him up into my arms and holding him close. And it takes an awful lot longer than just picking a child up does!

With assistance I can get him on the sofa and sit next to him. I can also have him sat briefly on my lap, but it isn’t comfortable for him as he has spinal rods and weak muscles and it is hard for me to support him.

So moments like this are precious.

It took several adults to get him in and out (and is not an easy task with a mobile hoist) but this simple moment of having my son sat comfortably on my lap for a cuddle was so precious.

I know that it might seem that all I do is complain or talk about how difficult life is.

That is because life is difficult.

And because I am trying to make it less difficult for those who will follow.

Because more will follow.

It could even be you, and then you will be glad that I trod this path ahead of you. For you would see the harsh reality in every situation.

But you would also learn to celebrate the ordinary moments.

Like simply being able to hold your child on your lap.


If you want to help raise a little awareness of Changing Places toilets and the awful reality faced by many disabled people, please share this post Some Things Are Just Wrong on social media and please tag in your Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to ask if they are aware.

7 thoughts on “The most ordinary moments.

    1. I am sure some people think that I complain a lot, but they don’t know the joys I feel from a moment like this. Nor the enormous effort which went into getting him in and out or showered afterward.

      But the moment was pure joy.


  1. I think it’s normal to complain when things are hard – but it’s good to also appreciate that there are good moments too – which you’re evidentially doing. Love that you can get moments like this. x

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