Caring – There is always “more”.

Something you might not know about unpaid carers is that there is always “more”.

Always more to do, more to achieve, more to work towards.

More calls to make, more e-mails to send, more paperwork to do.

More things to consider, more research to do, more questions to answer.

More people treating your loved one badly, more battles, more hurt to deal with.

More difficult decisions to make (for those who care for someone who cannot make those decisions for themselves).

More worries about whether you did the right thing.

More surgeries, more pain, more care needs.

More back ache, more injuries to yourself, more tears of frustration.

But always more love.

Always, so much more love. ❤️



And, for me, always more campaigning to do for Changing Places toilets!
Because, without them, my person suffers.


16 thoughts on “Caring – There is always “more”.

  1. Family Carers is a very demanding abs difficult role – a labour of love and very rewarding too. All we ask is for the support, signposting and tools to care for our Family – not a great deal as we only get 39 pence per hour !!!! A day off or retirement plZn would be Marvellous !!!! We save our Country Thousands of Pounds every year – Who Carers for Us Carers – it’s time to Complain Carers –

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  2. Once more the power of your posts puts me to shame. Yes I am tired but I have life more easy because I don’t have to worry like you do over the simple things like toilet facilities and more to do to raise awareness. You are inspirational and your son is so lucky he has a mum who is more.

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  3. More love and gathering more and more support for the great work you’re doing! I can only begin to imagine what’s involved in full time 𝘾𝙖𝙧𝙚caring. But you do it with such passion and grace x

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    1. Sadly, there isn’t a lot of “official” support but I am fortunate to have many good friends and a loving family.


  4. I can’t even begin to imagine what it must be like to be a full-time carer but Adam must know how much he is loved. No matter how hard you may find it at times – love helps you through #KCACOLS

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