Is there room in your loo for a boy like me?

The boy had a chair
   and short funky hair,
And snazzy blue shoes
   which he just loved to wear.
How the boy laughed
   and how the boy grinned,
As he raced in his chair
   and moved like the wind.


And how the boy wailed
   and how low the boy sat,
The need came so wildly
   he panicked a lot.

“Quick!” cried the boy,
   and he flew ‘cross the ground.
He searched for the loo
   but no loo could be found.


Then through the bushes
   on thundering wheels
A sign for a toilet
   did suddenly appear.

He dashed up politely,
   then eagerly said
(As the attendant looked puzzled,
   like the boy had two heads)
I am a boy, as keen as can be.
   Is there room in your loo
◊       for a boy like me?

“No” replied the attendant,
   the boy started to cry.
“No hoist or bench here and
   nobody cares why”.


Sadly, this is how the story ends most days.

Thursday 19th July 2018 marks Changing Places Toilets Awareness Day and the 12th anniversary of the Changing Places toilet campaign. There are more toilets in Wembley Stadium alone, than there are Changing Places toilets in the whole of the UK.

Please Tweet this to a local attraction to ask if there is room in their loo.

Or post to their Facebook page and ask if they want to help change the ending to the story.

And if you have not yet signed the PETITION please sign it today.


Room in the Loo?
When this is all that needs to be added to a toilet large enough to turn a wheelchair in, surely there is Room in your Loo?


36 thoughts on “Is there room in your loo for a boy like me?

  1. I think places have got much better at offering disabled facilities and I know my local Paultons Park has great ones. More places should cater for the disabled though and with public loos closing left, right and centre the problem can only get worse. Love the poem

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  2. I think there has been some improvement but I don’t think it is enough. The large chains of shops have the money to make the necessary changes, after-all it isn’t just for wheelchair users, it also should be for those who have pushchairs and prams and even those who need that extra space to walk with their aids x


  3. I love how you’ve used Room On The Broom for inspiration! But this is really upsetting that it’s still an issue. I get really annoyed when we go to public places and there is no baby changing facilities, but that isn’t half as bad. What are disabled people supposed to do? It’s so ridiculous, and I’m sorry your little guy has to put up with it. I signed the petition the other day, but I will be sharing your post xxx

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  4. This is a touching poem. I’ve not seen these toilets around too much with hoists. It’s sad as they need to be around. I get annoyed when I go out and see the disabled toilet locked sometimes – like you have to go and find someone to unlock it if you need to use it. It’s ridiculous.

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    1. We had to get to Bristol Children’s Hospital very early in the morning this week. We entered the building at level 2, had to go to level 3 to get the key (where it took ages to locate it) then level 5 to use the toilet. Good job the boy wasn’t utterly desperate!


  5. The amount of places, even tube stations that lack disabled facilities is crazy. I really hope that people do more to ensure that disabled children and adults are given toilets that cater to them!

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    1. People who love Disney hold it to a higher standard. There is no excuse for Disney to not install these facilities. Many theme parks in the UK have them, including smaller ones.


    1. Before my son was born, I thought access to facilities was entirely protected in law.

      Yet, when it comes to toilet facilities, the legal standard, Document M, assumes that all wheelchair users can self transfer. So people who cannot self transfer are ignored.


  6. This is such a well written post it makes me smile. Until the realisation hits and the sadness prevails. Literally since I began reading your blog I find myself assessing every “disabled” loo I enter.

    I so so hope your campaign serves it purpose.

    Huge thanks for linking up to #KCACOLS. Hope you come back next time.

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    1. Thank you. It is lovely to know that I am reaching people and making them think about the limitations others face in life, simply due to inadequate facilities.

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  7. While I love your poem, I am infuriated for your boy. I will join your cause, sign your petition. In the US, most bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. All new construction has to be. What a horror. #Equality #KCACOLS xoxox


  8. Fantastic poem. I’m sure most places just don’t know. They just need to be aware that a disabled loo with handles in it doesn’t meet the requirements of all people. It makes me laugh that some places don’t even have a changing table for changing babies yet they say they have changing facilities. Good luck with your petition.


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