5 Things I’d Change About Cornwall

  1. I love living in Cornwall, but there is a big problem with it – it is soooo far away from the rest of the country! So I would move it a little closer to the rest of the country!smile
  2. Lands End. If you follow my blog you will know that there is no love lost here, the management team have ruined my joy at Lands End, so I might chip that bit off! Parking and attractions are over-priced and, if they don’t care about all people I have no interest going there.smile
  3. The weather. Every year I seem to reach mid-September and I am still wondering when summer is coming.smile
  4. I would make the beaches could be more accessible to wheelchair users. We are surrounded by beautiful beaches that we cannot access. Some do have beach wheelchairs available to hire, but that does not help those people who cannot self-transfer.smile
  5. And finally, you surely knew this one was coming 😉 I would make Cornwall the best place ever in terms of having accessible Changing Places toilets. Tourism is important to Cornwall and we could do so much more to welcome disabled visitors. Get the facilities right and those “disabled visitors” can simply be “visitors”.



I realise that I can’t do much about the first three things on the list but there is a lot which could be done about the final two.

For number 5, people in Cornwall are asking their MPs to support a local planning clause so that every time there is a planning application for a big new development in Cornwall, they will be asked why a Changing Places toilet is not included in the plans. The facilities are already recommended in the Building Standards, but sometimes developers just don’t know what they are.

And a Changing Places toilet in every seaside town would solve some of the difficulties which relate to number 4. 😀

But the one thing I would never change about Cornwall is the awesome nature of its people. I am very lucky to live here and would never want to live anywhere else!

The top two pictures in the photo are from The Eden Project (which is constantly striving to improve accessibility and has a Changing Places toilet) and The Lost Gardens of Heligan, which will be opening a Changing Places toilet this month! Do pop along and tell the people at Heligan that they are awesome!

16 thoughts on “5 Things I’d Change About Cornwall

  1. I absolutely love Cornwall and I visited Newquay earlier this year. However, it just is so far away from me (London), but I think that extra distance makes it all the more special to visit for someone like me! You’ve brought up some great points about the accessibility too!

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  2. I really love cornwall! I used to go there on holiday when I was a child. You have made some great points about accessibility though and I hope things change!


  3. I thought the weather was always amazing in Cornwall. Not sure why I think that way, perhaps the pictures I see are always of lovely beaches with blue skies 🙂


    1. When I was a child I was convinced it was always sunny in Newquay, because every time we went there it was sunny!


  4. Cornwall is somewhere I would love to visit, unfortunately it is a little too far away, a mere 8-9 hours away.
    With such wonderful beaches and scenery, it would be wonderful if they were more accessible. I do hope there is some improvement with the Changing place toilet.

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    1. We used to have to travel to Manchester every week for hospital treatment. It is a very long way away from everywhere!


  5. Cornwall is somewhere I would love to visit, unfortunately it is a little too far away, a mere 8-9 hours away.
    With such wonderful beaches and scenery, it would be wonderful if they were more accessible. I do hope there is some improvement with the Changing place toilet.


  6. I love Cornwall but like you say it’s so far away! It doesn’t make sense that for the tourism Cornwall gets there aren’t as many changing placed toilets.


  7. It is pretty far from everything else isn’t it? But it’s a beautiful place. I’m yet to visit but one day!!

    Just commented by accident from my work twitter account above, apologies lol

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  8. I was born in Cornwall but after 40 years had to leave for Devon. I still miss it so much. I hope your dream in making Cornwall the most accessible place ever is a dream I hope comes true. I suppose you’re written to all the councillors of Cornwall about this ? If you put “EU grants for accessibility” you’ll get some interesting information regarding tourism. Do the Cornish councillors know about this ? If they do why aren’t they doing something about it ? Good luck


    1. We have made the council aware, by contacting those councillors with responsibility, the leader of the council and the chief executive of Cornwall Council. All the MPs in Cornwall have been contacted by a constituent to ask them to support a change to a local planning clause. Sadly, only 3 of them have replied, despite it being more than 2 months since they were contacted.

      The question really is, “Why are they not doing something about it?”


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