I disappeared in January…

I disappeared in January.

But not because I went back to the North Pole.

I disappeared because I couldn’t face January

I had a job to do last year and I did not complete it.

I was supposed to enlighten people, make them care, and leave no unfinished business.

Thanks to the wonderful team at BBC Spotlight, who made this fabulous video, I reached hundreds of thousands of people. And they responded with enormous compassion. There weren’t even any of the expected “trolling” comments which usually come when access issues are highlighted, just supportive comments and, often, horror, at the realisation that they had never considered these things before.
Sadly, this isn’t one of those “2 out of 3 isn’t bad” scenarios.
I have unfinished business, so I cannot go home.

The lovely manager at Sainsbury’s (Gulval) has responded with a kind heart and good business brain! I had a horrible experience there but he is keen to make sure that other customers can have a better experience in future. He telephones every few weeks and they are currently at the design stage for a toilet facility with a ceiling hoist and adult sized changing table!

It is wonderful news but, sadly, I still can’t “go” there yet. So I can’t go home.

I am also awaiting answers from two local attractions where I did not have great experiences in December.

Elves do not leave unfinished business, it is a rule we have at the North Pole.

So I have to try to pick myself up, put on a smile and face February with twice the energy.

February is not a month for Elves – people think we should be out of sight, and out of mind. Sadly, that seems to be what too many businesses and attractions think about disabled people too.

So, please keep following. Keep my spirits up and keep supporting those of us who just want what others are allowed to take for granted.

A small red heart on a white background.