My ramblings about Alder Hey (again)

I had to share this. More people need to read it.

Hospital staff work tirelessly to save poorly children. And their hearts must hurt so badly when there is nothing more that they can do.


I’ve said most of this before but feel it needs saying again.

When Sophie was in ICU in Alder Hey the final operation she had was a last ditch attempt to give her a chance at life. The procedure she had meant that for the rest of her life she would be a lot more poorly than she had been before going into hospital, that she was going to need much more medical attention for the rest of her life than we had thought, and that she would be lucky to make it to her teens. But at no point did the doctors say to us she wasn’t worth giving that chance. At no point did they say that she was costing them too much money and it would be cheaper to end her life then. At every point and every crossroads that required a decision, they did question (and…

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One thought on “My ramblings about Alder Hey (again)

  1. I’ve stayed away from the story this post relates to, because it’s so polarised and upsetting, but I completely agree that the personal abuse being hurled at the hardworking caring staff at the hospital is completely wrong 😦

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