What Mobiloo means…

It is a great product, run by a great team.

But , in reality, it is JUST A TOILET!

This is what it really means…

Adam smiling widely as he zooms down a zipwire. Beautiful open green spaces, fields and trees surrond him.

And this….

Adam riding on a pony carriage, pulled by a beautiful black and white pony. They are in the sea with the waves lapping gently around them. It is a beautiful day with bright blue sky.

Spending time with your favourite animal at the zoo…

Mastering a new skill…

Learning about edible plants from forager Matt Vernon

Child sat in an all terrain wheelchair looking intently at a man holdinga plant a basket of foraged goodies.

Fun times at the beach…

Child using an all terrain wheelchair, at the beach, getting closer to the see. He is waving his arms and looking excited.

Enjoying a go kart ride with your bestie…

Adam and his big brother sat in a Go Kart.

Eating out with Daddy…

Adam and Daddy eating lunch outdoors. Both are posing with open mouths and forks of food. Adam has penne pasta with garlic bread. Daddy has bangers and mash.


Adam in his blue powered wheelchair. Photo taken from behind as he heads off on his own.


Adam with his PA and instructor from BF Adventure. They are using two canoes joined together by three wooden bars to add stability. Adam is wearing a red life jacket and sat on a big comfy yellow seat for support. It is a grey day and everyone is dressed warmly.

Learning about animals…


Exploring National Trust properties…

Adam is wearing a pokemon top andusing his powered wheelchair. He is sat in the garden area of Lanhydrock House, with the coach house behind him.

And enjoying wild rides…

Adam and his PA are smiling widely as the go round and round on a swinging chair ride at Camel Creek park. It was a wet day and there is a huge pool of water on the ground.

All of these pictures show why Mobiloo matters. Because NONE of these days out would have been possible without hiring it.

Mobiloo isn’t a business which runs for profit. (Sometimes I doubt they break even.)

Which brings me to the fuzzy warm bit…

When they learn that a place which has been a regular booking for them is going to install a permanent Changing Places toilet, they are delighted! 😁

Because they believe in equality and they believe that permanent Changing Places facilities need to be installed everywhere.

To quote them, they want Changing Places toilets to be “as common as Costa”.

As they should be!


7 thoughts on “What Mobiloo means…

    1. Thank you. I am determined that my son shall have the best life possible, filled with as many opportunities as I can give him.


    1. Thank you. I hope it will help more people to understand why #ChangingPlaces facilities matter, and it is simply because none of us would do these things or go to these places if there were no toilets there.


  1. I met the fab team from Mobiloo for the first time yesterday at the #pantsdown4equality #looathon in London!
    They were there to support the need for changing places toilets to become part of the standard range of toilets fitted in all buildings we’d expect toilets for visitors and customers!
    They realise this is not a conflict of interest, as just as there is always a demand for temporary portaloo toilets for temporary events, the more changing places become accepted generally, the more those temporary events will realise changing places toilets are required! So they aim for that to be their main business rather than subsidising toilets in permanent buildings.
    Thank you for joining #AccessLinky !

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    1. We love that about the Mobiloo team too!

      When I told them that a place we have booked them for regularly was installing their own changing places toilet and they were really delighted. They will lose a regular monthly booking but they were completely delighted for the progress made.

      Team Mobiloo really is something special!


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