Thank you, Newquay Zoo!

When I first asked Newquay Zoo to improve their toilet facilities, I didn’t get quite the response I hoped for.

But then they learned.

They talked to users.

They listened.

And they prioritised access for all.

Take a look!

From this tiny room where we couldn’t get in and close the door behind us…

Boy using a powered wheelchair. He is unable to get in the
Too small to use.

To THIS amazing space!!!

Toy Elf, sat in his powered wheelchair, outside a big wooden door, next to an office with
Behind this door, lies Cornwall’s newest Changing Places toilet! Signage is awaited!
A 12 year old boy, wearing a light grey hoodie and dark grey trousers, using an orange manual wheelchair, is looking happy. To his right is a toilet and changing table, behind him is a dark blue privacy screen, mirror and ceiling hoist. To his left is a height adjustable sink. The floor is light blue in colour.
12 year old Adam was delighted to see the new Changing Places toilet.
Toy Elf sat on the toilet, thanks to the support of the ceiling hoist.
Alfie the Elf was delighted to be able to use the loo at the zoo!
Three men wearing Newquay Zoo uniforms are standing inside the Changing Places toilets. A boy is shaking hands with one of them. The boy is wearing a light grey hooded top and dark grey trousers. He is using a manual wheelchair with Power Rangers on the wheels. All of them look very happy.
Adam thanked Dave and the team from Newquay Zoo.
3 men wearing Newquay Zoo uniforms and a woman wearing a purple top which says
5 happy people!
Alfie the Elf is lying on the changing table. His legs are crossed and he is smiling.
One Happy Elf!

And the best thing about the new Changing Places toilet at Newquay Zoo is that enables families to stay all day and  fully enjoy everything at the zoo! Who wouldn’t want to enjoy moments like this, up close with the animals?

Comparing the Meerkat!
Have you seen Sergei?

At the point of our visit, on December 19th 2018, the Changing Places toilet was awaiting some finishing touches and signage, but all the equipment is in place and working. The team at Newquay Zoo want people to know it is there and usable, so that no visitor ever has to change pads on the toilet floor again, or use a commode in the back of their car, ever again. And that matters.

The team at the zoo have already made improvements to some viewing areas and want to do more. They are actively seeking ways to improve and are keen for people to talk to them about their needs.

As we were leaving the zoo a staff member enthused about how easy it had been and how quickly the hoist was installed. She couldn’t understand why all supermarkets and attractions were not installing Changing Places as a priority.
A small red heart on a white background.It took time to get to this point, as regular readers will know, but we are here now and that is what matters most. Our history may be long, but our future of working together is going to be even longer and even greater.

Thank you to all at Newquay Zoo for caring about the needs of all people.

Thank you for giving us all a Changing Places toilet for Christmas – it really is the perfect gift!

Tiny Christmas tree.

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Newquay Zoo!

  1. I long for the day when these are everywhere – when I can take my wheelchair-bound teen wherever we want to go, for as long as we like, and I am not reduced to trying to change pads in unsuitable places.

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