Something horrible happened.

Possibly just feet away from you.

Just behind a closed door.

You were probably not aware of it.

It probably also happened at most service stations across the country.

It definitely happened at a local supermarket.

It happened at the zoo.

It happened at a theme park.

It happened in a shopping centre.

Non accessible

Somewhere near you, a person had to lie on a toilet floor to have a pad changed.

Somewhere near you a parent or carer risked injury to lift a loved one from their wheelchair to the floor.

Somehow, in some awful way, this was the best option they had.


Do you think this is okay?

Because it is going to happen today too. And tomorrow. And forever unless people start to stand up for those who actually cannot stand up and get themselves on the toilet.

Would it be okay for you?

If not, do something about it.

Start by checking out your local supermarket, shopping centre, theatre, tourist attraction and, frankly, anywhere that you think a toilet should be provided for you.

Tell the management, tell the CEO, tell your friends and ask them if they think it is okay.

Toilet facilities with a bench and a hoist make it possible for everyone to live with dignity.


Please also sign THIS PETITION as the best thing we can do is to get these facilities included in large buildings as a legal requirement.






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23 thoughts on “Something horrible happened.

  1. I couldn’t agree more but what it needs is government support. Maybe grants to help with installation costs of a hoist? With councils closing public toilets and expecting local pubs and restaurants to take over I can’t see this happening. It would be wonderful if the big theme parks, zoos and other all day attractions showed the way.


    1. The legal requirement for “disabled toilets” needs to be improved too. Sometimes, businesses just don’t know what is required. If the law was clear, they would know.

      I had a lovely email recently from a small monkey sanctuary.They said in the email that they had recently refurbished their toilets and were sorry that they did not know what was actually needed to make it inclusive. Had they known, they would have done it at the time. Now they know, they want to improve.


  2. Very very well written and striking – I agree with your previous comment that places probably do the bare minimum because they’re simply not aware of what is needed by the families. I hope that more places start to improve their compliance because you’re absolutely right, of course. #KCACOLS


  3. That’s awful. I’m afraid to say, despite having been in a lot of disabled toilets that double as baby changing rooms, this isn’t something I’d even considered. It needs to change to give disabled people their dignity and protect the carers from injury. Thank you for writing this and raising awareness #KCACOLS

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    1. A while back a friend of mine wrote a blog about a time where she dropped her son. She wanted to share it anonymously to the wider public as she thought she would get a backlash.

      Several of us in the small group with which she shared then admitted that we had all had similar incidents. It is unbelievably difficult to lift a wriggly child and lower them to floor level in a small space, with a wheelchair in the room and a lot of stuff that you don’t want your child to touch.


  4. Very strong and powerful post. Totally agree and hope your post will help pressure things to change. We don’t think about these things if they don’t directly affect us until brought to our attention. #KCACOLS


    1. Thank you. Comments like this mean so much. It really matters to me that people are feeling it, not just reading it. x


  5. This is perfect. Don’t we all get cross as parents when we can’t find any place to change our babies? It shouldn’t be any different for people who have different needs. It makes me so angry that the world can be such an exclusive place sometimes! I’ve already signed and shared this petition a lot after reading other blogs and articles, and I really hope that it gets the recognition it deserves. #KCACOLS

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  6. great post and spot on too. I think the lack of toilets in general for people to use is disgusting these days. there are so many other conditions too where people need access to a loo. just not good enough #KCACOLS

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  7. Just been over and signed the petition. You’re spot on with this, it’s just not right for anyone to have to lie on a toilet floor. x #KCACOLS

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    1. Thank you. It isn’t right.

      My own son is able to use the toilet but only where there is a hoist to lift him from his chair. I hurt my back very badly a year ago and cannot lift him.

      So he must try to hold on, go home or just not go out at all.


    1. Thank you. It is something very few people think about because they all assume that the logo on the door means it is accessible for wheelchair users.

      Getting more people aware will hopefully help bring change.


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