Growth doesn’t just happen.

Those who know me well know that I am not a gardener. I forget to water plants, forget to transplant seedlings and sometimes just forget that I have a garden! 😀

Back in March, Adam and I planted sunflowers, watered them and even transplanted some of the seedlings into larger pots at the right time!!! Some of them.

In May we realised that we had forgotten some of them.

The previously transplanted ones were already several times larger than the forgotten ones but we decided to give the little ones a chance.

They deserved a chance.




By August 16th the ones transplanted at the correct time were looking great, with strong stalks and huge flowers.



The forgotten ones were growing, but much more slowly, and by September 16th they were flowering! Smaller, with weaker stalks but at least flowering. The properly cared for ones are now developing sunflower seeds!


People and plants are not much different.

Emotional growth and strength doesn’t just happen.

A child needs to live fully in order for confidence to develop and grow. Each new experience shapes them and helps them to grow. They learn so much just by living in the wider world.

Negative experiences shape them too.

Adam is a little boy struggling to experience all that the world has to offer. We try to make things possible but they could be so much better. Every good experience holds extra worries for Adam. He feels vulnerable when out and he doesn’t feel like he matters in the world.

The recent difficult experience at Cornwall Council will not have helped. It would affect any of us. None of us really want to rely on strangers, do we? Certainly not in the bathroom!

Think about your own life.

Would you go on a long train journey if you couldn’t use a toilet along the way?

Would you go out to a theme park for a day if there were no toilets?

Would you go out for a meal to a place with no toilets?

Would you want to go out with friends if you thought you might have an accident, simply because there were no toilets?

Would your child? Growing up is hard!

A place is not truly accessible if you cannot access the toilet when you are there.

Sadly, much of life is not accessible to Adam, simply because of a lack of fully accessible toilet facilities.

It is simple if you care.

A changing bench and a hoist make it possible for life to be lived.

Otherwise, that wheelchair logo on the door might as well say ‘No Entry’.







Pink Pear Bear

6 thoughts on “Growth doesn’t just happen.

  1. What a wonderful analogy. Everything has a chance given the right surroundings, care and attention. It’s such a shame that so many places don’t cater for everyone. The idea of having to lie your beloved child on the floor of most public toilets is horrendous. Thanks for sharing with the #bigpinklink

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  2. I am so saddened that you and Adam have to experience the world like this. Here in the US, one good thing that I can say is that it is required by law that bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. I hope the wrld changes for him. #bigpinklink


    1. I have only been to Orlando (big Walt Disney World fan) so can’t comment on the rest of the US but it is unlikely that we will go back.

      The hotels are great, theme parks are great, buses are amazing but, whilst the bathrooms there were generally really big they didn’t have any with hoists and only a few had a big changing bench. The campaign in America is called Changing Spaces and is in the early days but I have met some wonderful American people during my trips, truly caring people so I am sure the campaign will hit highs soon.

      I shall be contacting Disney World because I am sure they want every person’s visit to be magical. Back when our son could be lifted it was possible to visit.

      The airline broke my son’s chair last time so we also have that barrier. Right now he is scared to fly in case his chair gets broken again.

      Life is never straightforward.

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